A Real Christmas Story From #AngelsOnAir

I loved the challenge that the Spirit Guides gave this caller on a recent "Angels on Air" show (12 December 2013).

The caller found a message on her husband's cellphone from his girlfriend, who was pregnant. He suggested the girlfriend terminate the pregnancy. The wife asked me what to do.

Her Guides gave her a surprising answer: adopt the baby.  She was shocked, but they went on to tell her that she was a big, big person who could handle this, and she ended up laughing and sounding surprised but relieved.

After all, wasn't Mary a woman who got pregnant out of wedlock? And couldn't Joseph have just cast her off and abandoned her? Instead, he adopted the baby Jesus and raised Him as his own child.

The answers aren't what we expect.  But they're usually exactly what we can do, if we align our hearts with the Divine Will.


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