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Make the Most of your #Radio Interview by Shannon Walbran

It’s so wonderful for us to hear your voice, it’s as if you’re sitting in our home. It’s a great opportunity to promote your book or your project. Smile when you speak, we can tell.
If you’re being interviewed, submit your own questions. Producers will thank you for saving them time. You’ll benefit by steering the conversation. Write out the answers and practice reading them aloud to a friend.
Create soundbites. If you had time for only one sentence, what would your top message for us be? Two? Time your soundbites to less than ten seconds and edit them down to three or four words. One of my messages is, “Always remember you are guided!”
When you’re on the air, speak only to the host. Imagine that he or she is the only person listening. Forget about us in the audience - there could be five people tuning in or five million. If you and the host are having a lively conversation, everyone will be fascinated. Say the host’s name while you’re speaking and make eye contact. We listeners can feel the connection.
If you get asked a question you didn’t anticipate, laugh to buy yourself a moment.  Then start your answer with the word “Yes.” Even if you’re going to disagree with the question’s point, you’ll be in the driver’s seat: “Ha ha ha! Yes, Caroline, many people do ask whether believing in angels is silly!  What I’ve found is that it gives me comfort, confidence, and direction.”
Remember you’re the expert on what you know. It’s perfectly fine to take calls from listeners and share your experiences. If you’re being interviewed about your book, be sure to mention, “As I write about in my book Guided…” for people who are just tuning in. You don’t have to solve all the world’s problems, just speak from your own position.
Have fun. It’s over in a flash! Try to get your contact information (your website) for example on air so we can reach you to find out more.
Follow up and get the podcast. Edit it down to just your interview segment using an editor such as Garage Band. Post it on your website, and link to it using your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts.  Be sure to send it out with your next newsletter so we can listen at leisure.
Consider using the podcast as the soundtrack to a Youtube video trailer about your book.  Even a slideshow of the book cover, your headshot, and a series of photos representing the book’s setting could make a great promotional piece.


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