Flood of Gratitude on Facebook

 Yesterday I posted this poster on my Facebook Page with the following text:
I really needed to read this message about gratitude today. I'm grateful for you, for my work, for living in South Africa, for the love of my family, and for the sunshine in Joburg. What's on your list right now? Please leave a comment so we can all pray for your prosperity to multiply!
(Thank you for ALL your wonderful comments! I am going to work with clients now, but I'll look later and reply. Peace!
I came back from a session and found that the post had 11 likes, 66 comments and a lot of shares!

Here are some of the most beautiful comments:

Winnie Maamogwa I'm grateful for the opportunity to have gone for a job interview on Friday.
Grateful for my FAITH as I believe it is mine.
Grateful for my family especially my kids.
Forever grateful to my Angels who guide & protect me & my family.
Grateful for the opportunity to interact with people like you Shannon Walbran.
Meagan Solomon I am greatful for how far the lord has brought me. It is only by grace that I am where I'm am... I thank God for my child and for a safe home that he has provided us with. I thank God for Aunty Hazel, she is an awesome person.
Thato Mphuthi I'm grateful for the air I breathe everyday and everything that is added on me. Thank you Father.
Nokuthula Thuli Nunge I'm grateful for my life. Grateful for all I have thus far. For safety. My family's safety. I'm praying for prosperity. Career growth. Wealth. A husband and kids. Overall happiness as well. Amen!


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