Mastermind Groups: how they help me grow

Scroll to the fourth slideshow (it has red titles) by Ryan Battles to read an excellent summary of mastermind groups.

I'm participating in three mastermind groups currently, and I'd like to recommend that you start one for yourself with a few like-minded people.

One of mine is with another coach; we're sharing ideas about our public speaking gigs, our online tools, and growing with and for our clients. We talk about boundaries, ethics, and service.

My second group is financial; we call ourselves the Money Magic group, after the course we all took together by Donna McCallum (a fantastic course that mixes practical money strategies with vision boards and intention-setting). We meet monthly and re-cap our goals and our progress. Super supportive.

My third mastermind group is with a solo practitioner whose work is very different from mine, but we have a lot in common in terms of finding the soul of our businesses. We discuss what role we are playing, our authenticity, and our big dreams.

A mastermind group can be two or three people, minimum, who meet regularly to discuss common goals and to serve as accountability partners. Think about setting one up for yourself!

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