Shannon Walbran, top psychic, on SABC Newsroom

Shannon Walbran, South Africa's top psychic, was interviewed by Eben Jansen on SABC Newsroom on Tuesday, 17 December 2015. Eben was super-supportive and enthusiastic about Shannon's work, asking her how she helps people, what questions people usually ask, and how to determine when a psychic is telling you the truth.

Shannon has been practicing since 2003 and has helped over 20,000 clients directly via personal sessions, group seminars, radio programs, and TV. To book your own private session, go to

SABC Newsroom broadcasts from Johannesburg across Africa, which is amazing since Shannon is hoping to expand into Lagos and Nairobi this year.

If you'd like to invite Shannon to be a speaker at your event, please contact Charlotte via email on

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