Repeat after me, "Miracle Find Me Now!"

Miracle car

I was reading a blog post by PR Specialist Susan Harrow, one of my fantastic coaches. Susan told a great story about saying, "Miracle find me now" and how it worked out for her in such a special way. You can add in whatever you'd like: "Miracle *man* find me now," or "Miracle *job* find me now."

The underlying belief is that what you are seeking is also seeking you.

So I decided to try it.

I desperately needed a car. Mine was making funny noises, and the battery light was always on, even though I had replaced the battery and the alternator. It was 18 years old. I had scratched and dented it many times, and repaired it oh-so-cleverly with blue nail varnish. But still, I needed a new car.

The trouble was, I am really bad at cars [negative belief!]. I have always received cars that the men in my life have chosen for me - my dad, a boyfriend, a husband. How to find my own car? It must be simple, right? I got on the internet and searched for specs and prices, and then I made a little spreadsheet. Now I knew what I wanted.

Then fear kicked in again. What if a dealership ripped me off? What if I bought the car and then it immediately died [like most of my houseplants]?

On Friday I read Susan's blog post, and then I went for a run. On the road, I said, "Miracle car find me now!"

Saturday, I went out for lunch with my friend K, a guy who is super savvy and always solves my problems (and I hope I do the same for him). He suggested a dealership that was super helpful and friendly where he had found a great deal last year. It was Saturday at 1 pm when I drove there, and they were closing, but the only woman on the lot came to speak with me -- and showed me a car I could totally afford.

ONE DAY? So let's see if this works for you. Repeat after me: "Miracle, find me now!"

Believe me, I'm trying it again on all the other topics of my life!

Update:  The next day, I put my manifesting powers to work and shouted: "Miracle work find me now!" I mean, I love what I do, but there's always room for expansion.

Remember when I was on that TV news program in December? They hinted they might ask me back. So, the day after my Miracle Shout, they called! And offered me a ten minute slot every Wednesday morning from 10:45-10:55, on DSTV 404, broadcasting across the African continent. WOW! (I said yes).

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