What to Avoid When Seeing a Psychic

(In this article, I use “she” for the psychic, but psychics can be men or women!)

Come prepared

You visit a psychic because you’re at a crossroads and *everything* seems a mess. Sort out your “everything” before you get there, so you can prioritize your problems and organise your answers.

Make a list of your top ten most pressing problems. She may be able to help you with some better than others, depending on her skills, so if you stop thinking it’s ALL about the love life and add in topics like career, health, parenting, spiritual development, finances, family relationships, you’re more likely to get better results.

Ask empowered questions

Nothing in the future is written in stone, so the question, “Will I get married?” or “Will I get a promotion” is less empowered than, “How can I take my relationship with William to the next level?” and “What steps can I take to become senior manager?”

Also, a yes/no response is much less interesting than a set of instructions, procedures, and strategies which are actionable and can show you results. So generate a better answer with a better question!

Don’t do her job

If you’re paying her to give you insights, hold back with your own analyses. You know what you think, so give her this hour and take notes.

If you want straight counseling, go to a counselor and talk your heart out, where venting can be helpful. A psychic session is different; it’s for you to learn and see a fresh perspective.

Listen for facts

“You’re having a hard time” applies to nearly everyone who walks in the door. On the other hand, “You’re competing with your sister for your mom’s attention” is specific and can be a key to your emotional freedom.

The best kind of psychic reading updates your reality. It hones in on your strengths and weaknesses, helping you to make a great leap forward.

Check to see that the psychic’s facts, whether about the emotional or physical world, align basically with what you already know to be true about your life, and then listen for the best new configuration and how to move on: “So acknowledge your sister’s academic brilliance, encourage her, and be grateful that you have a vibrant social life instead.”

Go once. Then act, watch, and wait

A week after you visit a psychic, it’s super tempting to run back and ask for more information. “If she knew that much about me, she must know more!” Probably not. It’s likely that she connected with your angels and guides who told you everything she could access at that point. 

Beware of psychics who tell you they can “lift a curse” or “change your luck” with repeated, expensive visits. Instead, take action based on the messages that made sense to you. Apply for the job, call the friend, sign up for the music lessons. See how your life shifts.

Look for signs

When you get a surprising message in a session (I recently told a successful businesswoman to “live like a monk,” and she was *not* excited!), journal about it. Write down what you thought the message meant, and how you want or don’t want to take it on.

Stay alert for clues in your environment - books that come to you, radio shows you “accidentally” hear — and other ways that Life might be supporting and elaborating on the psychic’s message.

Learn how to do it yourself

The best way to predict the future is to create it. Designing your own life and making it happen with both magic (vision boards, affirmations) and practical (education, networking) measures is the absolute best. Learning the language of spiritual guidance can be done on your own rather than paying someone else to be your translator.

Prayer, morning pages, and muscle testing are great ways to get answers — and then you follow the same steps of asking empowered questions, listening for facts, taking action, and looking for signs with your own messages, too. You can become your own psychic!

Of course we all get stuck sometimes, and it can be a lightning bolt to consult, but lightning is not the same as solar power, available most days! If you find yourself addicted and going once a week, or you can’t decide which jacket to wear without consulting — wean yourself off and learn the DIY way!

If you'd like to book a session with Shannon, check www.ShannonWalbran.com

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