A LONG message to Shannon, South Africa's top psychic, from a client...


Dear Shannon,

The Date was 27 July 2013, that was the first direct contact I had with you.  I was conflicted between two jobs : my current job at that time in which I was doing extremely well with a promotion on the way, and my potential new job in which I was offered a role which was going to be at a lower level with the one I was currently doing and the promised promotion on the way did not even make it easier for me to decide at that time.

I then called to one of your radio sessions for a 1 question answer. Surprisingly as a first time caller I got in, and was live on air. Then I asked my question : “should I take on the new job offer?” little did I know that the response I will receive will be a life changing experience for me.

You were firm and direct with your answer in which you responded just after I could utter the last word of my question: “ your guides are saying YES you should go for it and take on the new offer, “ you then shared something which was even more magical which gives me goose bumps even as I write this to you.. “ tell me if this job you applied for has something to do with indoor parties and hosting events because I see you standing right at the back of the crowed not partaking in the event but rather observing the success thereof”.  You then wished me luck and hanged up.

I was left even more confused than I was before the call, simply because at that time you mentioned something that had zero relevance to the role I have applied for nor have done in the past. (Hosting events) however I could not ignore the first answer you gave me of definitely taking on the job, so I went with your advice and signed the new contract which offered me much less than I was currently earning… (which was a risk I don’t regret taking) why?

To my surprise I was called in by my new company 1 week before I joined them, and got the most shocking news I would not have guessed even if asked. My soon to be company informed me that there has been a huge debate about me ever since I signed the contract with them, they said they feel I’m actually worth more than the role they have proposed to me judging my excellent track record in my resume. In the spot I was then offered a promotion to be a line manager (which was the same position I was “promised” by my former company) I took on the offer immediately and there, my contract was changed and I was already reaping the fruits of taking that advise I got from my guides.. I smiled and I knew I have made the right choice and God has definitely smiled on me too to receive such grace from him.

Obviously after this my belief in your work grew stronger and couple of months later mid 2014  I, again tried my luck and called in to one of your radio sessions. Once again to my surprise, I went through and was live on air. Question asked : “ should I give up on love?” response I received after that was not the one I was looking for, you responded by saying I will find love but that should not be my primary focus right now, you then shifted to another direction and posed a question to me : “ are you planning an event for 50 -100 people? That’s what your guides wants us to discuss”. You advised me to book a session and as usual you wished me luck and hanged up.

Getting used to this confused feeling I get after receiving my “Cue cards” from my guides, I thought about this event I’m planning and fair enough, I did had a workshop the next day for similar number of people at work. But looking at how short notice this was, I knew I would have to just cope on my own and ensure I deliver my outmost best on this event because clearly it means a big deal in the spiritual realm. Well little that I knew that, I was completely wrong about the event in question

27 December 2015 , I arrived for my job transfer from South African offices to Kiev Offices in the Ukraine , Europe. Still on the same company that has given me two promotions within a space of 18 months since I joined and now I’m on the third promotion overseas!! Company is truly investing on me as they have seen potential  to send me across the planet and undertake a new role which is out of my comfort zone as I have never done it before which is, guess it? Events Hosting!!!!!!

I am now working in the events department with a team that host events for our company, I’m travelling across Europe, my first flight is on Friday 22 Jan 2016 as we are doing a state of the art premium event for one of our products.. I am in a space right now where I am organizing events and I stand right at the end of the crowd and observe the success/learnings on each event. Exactly the way Shannon mentioned it on 27 July 2013.

This is the beginning of great things to share with you…

Thank You!!

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