What's Your Passion? An 11th grader Interviews Shannon

This interview is by Gina Clarke, an 11th grader at Kingsmead College in Rosebank, Johannesburg.


Q: What exactly does it mean to be a psychic and how does one find themselves to be psychic?

A: Someone who can hear or see things that are not visible or audible to ordinary people. AND those things need to be helpful, useful and factual.

Q: More specifically, how and when did you find out that you, yourself, are a psychic?

A: When I was a child, I was really really sensitive and I was always picking up on people's emotions and my parents' reactions were things like ‘you cant know that’ and ‘how can you know those things’ and sometimes they would say ‘you’re wrong’ – I was picking up things that weren’t said and I was just a child. Then when I was 33 (now I’m 46) I was meditating and I heard what’s called an external locution which means an outside voice, and it told me that "now was the time to start helping people," and I really thought that someone was actually talking to me because it was so real. It wasn’t the same as those voices in your head that say ‘where are my keys?’.

Q: Would you say that your job of helping people and reading people is a passion of yours?

A: Yes, ten thousand percent yes.

Q: What is your favourite part about your job and what inspires you to carry on?

A: So, I believe in God, I believe that there is a divine intelligence that’s helping us be better humans and get through this life which is full of difficulties, and so every time I tell someone something that I, myself, don’t understand and that person totally understands what I’m talking about and it really helps them, I feel that I am proving to myself that God exists and not only does He exist but He wants to help people and that makes me want to keep going.

Q: What is your view or understanding on the world we cannot see or as you put it, 'the invisible world' - and how would you explain this concept to someone?

A: So we can see and hear the people around us, but there are other things that are real that we cannot see (like oxygen). There are invisible beings who are helpful and the more I have contact with them, the more I believe that we are being helped and guided in ways that we know about and ways that we don’t know about.

Q: When doing research, I found that you help people find their Angels, what exactly are these Angels and how does one find their angel?

A: Each person has a team of guides or angels that are assigned at birth and those guides and angels have specific jobs depending on which challenges you choose to face in your lifetime. They help behind the scenes and we do get signs from them. You can find your angel by establishing what your strongest sense is out of the five (taste, touch, hearing, sight and smell) and you have a 6th sense which is chosen based on the strongest of those 5 and your angels will use that to give you guidance for example for yourself, which is your strongest sense?

Me: Not sight or smell, maybe taste or touch?

Shannon: so for example, touch, things will feel scratchy or tight or uncomfortable in a situation, that is your angel telling you that this circumstance or even this person isn’t right for you, whereas if it's soft or comfortable that is a good sign like, "is this the right friend for me or not?"

Q: What are your beliefs, if any, on the after life?

A: I am a Catholic, a Roman Catholic, but I truly believe in reincarnation which I don’t think actually goes against Christianity or Catholicism, I just think that the Bible was edited in a certain way to make us think it isn’t part of it but I truly believe in reincarnation.

Q: What is the most fascinating client story you have experienced?

A: Usually I can’t tell people's stories but I have permission on this certain one and it is also published in my book. There was a guy who was 34 and he came in face to face and the guides told him that he was ‘burning the candle at both ends’ which is an expression meaning he was working was way too hard, and I told him he needed to start paying attention to things and stop working too hard, you’re stressing yourself too much and working too hard and he brushes it off ‘whatever whatever.’

Then his girlfriend shows up 3 months later and asks me if I remember him and she describes him and I said yes and she proceeds to tell me that he has passed away from a heart attack at the age of 34, so it really did happen and he never stopped working as hard. I was sorry I was right because when a psychic says something, it is never written in stone, it is simply a message that I am passing to you and that you need to pay close attention to.

Q: How would you describe the process of you seeing specific people's answers?

A: I hear it and I see it and I feel it, I use all of my senses.

Q: What are your other passions or hobbies?

A: I love writing and I do blogs, I have more free time so I am blogging more. Also travelling, I have been to 47 countries, 9 in Africa and I’d like to go to all of them if I can.

Q: Do you use any tools such as numbers or cards to help you read people?

A: If I am tired I can used angel cards and I draw them as the guides talk to me but no I don’t need cards or tools, no.

Q: Do horoscopes and astrology fit in with your beliefs and methods or techniques?

A: Yes, sometimes they can be valid but I don’t get any information on my client except their name, I get zero information on the person, my assistant Charlotte does the bookings and all I know is their first name.

Q: Does your gift sometimes fail you? In other words, is it consistent or does it come and go?

A: Because its for the client and not for me, it doesn’t fail me. But I do have restrictions where people cannot ask me things about other people such as “should my son become a doctor?” or “is my husband having an affair?” but I can answer things like “IS this marriage right for me and should I stay in it?”

- - -

Thank you, Gina! Wishing you the best with your assignment!

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