Ways to Hear from your Spirit Guides: Hit the Road

Coincidences happen to me a lot. Why?

Last night, for example, my class moved its venue to one of the participant's houses. That house was exactly across the street from a cottage where I had stayed for a few months.

That's a mild coincidence, and things like that (and more vivid examples) happen to me all the time. One reason is that I have lived many, many places. I've traveled to many countries, I've met many people, and I'm always out and about.

If I had locked myself in my house for the past 13 years living in South Africa, I wouldn't have much in common with anybody I met. But now, on the contrary, I can find points to share with almost anybody I encounter.

If you think of a bicycle wheel with spokes, each experience creates a new spoke. The more spokes coming out of my center -- if I have, say, 270 spokes -- the more likely it is that I can touch/contact/interact with another person's wheel, even if he has only 27.

Choosing to have new and different experiences on every occasion is one way to develop these spokes and to bring more coincidence into life, and therefore have more opportunities to connect with others.

Hit the road!

Practically speaking, this means that each time I go out for coffee, I choose a different cafe in a different neighborhood so that I increase my chances of synchronicity.

Today, I went to Bread & Roses in Melville because I had seen a review by Heather Mason of www.2summers.net

The cafe is cute! I loved it! But they didn't have decaf!

So in order to not die of real coffee, I crossed the road to the old classic De La Creme. Not my favorite, but open on a Sunday morning, and reliable.

After I'd set up my really cool cordless Zagg keyboard to type onto my phone, an older gentleman at the table next door remarked on it. "Pink keyboard? Is that for writing love letters?" Maybe he was being a little bit hopeful, but it started the conversation, and it turns out he is also an alternative health practitioner.

He sat down at my table and had a coffee, and we shared a long list of referrals and ideas. We knew a lot of people in common and had a great chat about topics dear to my heart like orgonite, Maseru Emoto, and kinesiology.

My secrets to increasing coincidences and synchronicity are:

Hit the road! Travel, even if it means just going to new neighborhoods
Get out (don't work from home if there's enough time to go to a cafe)
Try new things (Bread & Roses)
Follow the flow (moving to De La Creme)
Being open to new encounters (chatting with a stranger)

All of this variety in your life will increase the number of spokes coming out of your center, allow you to have more contact with other humans, and *therefore* increase your chances of being guided, and encountering your Guides through synchronicity and flow.

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