Susan Harrow interviews Shannon Walbran

Leverage Your Glamability Before a TV Show Even Airs With Shannon Walbran


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Leverage Your Glamability Before a TV Show Even Airs With Shannon Walbran

Our guest today is Shannon Walbran who is known as South Africa’s top psychic. Her main message is, “You are guided.” Even though she guides you and she loves to teach people how to get their messages themselves … I love that Shannon, that, “You are guided.” You are guided by yourself, as well as by you, is that what you meant by that?

Thanks, Susan. Yeah. That’s really my sound bite. It was you who taught me how to make really brief sound bites. “You are guided,” is one of my best sound bites because I really want to put the power back interview people’s hands so that they don’t feel or believe that they have to pay an intermediary to get their messages.

I really love that. Although it is really wonderful to get the intermediary because I was just listening to your podcast and you're so fast and incisive.

It was absolutely fascinating. People were asking all types of questions. At the end of our interview, because we’re going to be talking about publicity today, but at the end of our interview, I'm going to get to ask you three questions. Wait until the end of this podcast to find out what Shannon’s going to discover for me. I'm really super excited about that. Also, Shannon’s website is

What we’re going to talk about today is something that’s really interesting that Shannon has done, which is she has gotten publicity for a Ukrainian reality TV show that is not going to be translated into English and yet she’s been able to get publicity for it. We, in the English-speaking world, are never going to be able to get to see that. Is it called the World’s Top Psychic? Is that the name of it, Shannon?

It’s called International Psychic Challenge.

Got it. You’ve already taped it?

Yes, I taped it in July of this year.

Before you even taped it though, you’ve started thinking about, “How can I get publicity for this?” that you're going to be on this show in Ukraine. What did you do first?

Susan, I have to give you a lot of credit here because I was part of your Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul membership club. You were throwing out a lot of ideas and the other people in the group were throwing out lots of ideas about media coverage. I was practicing even before I got the invitation to go Ukraine. I did a few things.

I had some professional photographs taken. I was really, really pleased with them. I thought they looked really cool. I worked on my sound bites. In addition to, “You are guided,” I have some other sound bites. I really honed them. Another one is, “I want to work myself out of a job.” That relates to what we were discussing about, I want other people to do this work, I want to teach people how to do the work that I do.

BAMD0029 | Leverage your glamability


Joining the Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul membership club showed me how to craft a press release that sounded exactly like a news story. I got invited pretty much out of the blue to participate in this International Psychic Challenge, like world’s top psychics, like an Idols program, in Ukraine. The first thing that I did was I wrote a press release, “Shannon Walbran has been selected to represent South Africa in this international challenge.” That’s how I crafted the press release. I wrote it exactly as if it were a news story that you would see in the news section, in the "A" part of the paper.

That’s really brilliant. To do that, to write it as a news story because by doing that, producers or editors, the job is already done for them. You’ve crafted the story, you’ve shaped the story. I like that you put it … It’s not about you. It’s not about, “Oh, Shannon Walbran, this and that.” It’s like, “Shannon Walbran represents South Africa.” That’s the bigger story.

One of the mistakes that people often make is it’s just about me, me, me, and not about how it relates to the audience or why it’s important out in the world. By crafting that as a news story, that puts it in a different dimension and that makes it really considered as something important and for people to know. I love that you did that.

I also love that you said you did this and you were practicing even before you got that invitation. I think that that kind of mental preparation and then bringing it down to the physical world, and you really know about both of those worlds, is so important. There is a phrase that I love, which is, “Write it down, make it happen.” Even that much, taking the action, but you were actually practicing verbally your sound bites too, right, as well as writing down the press release?

Absolutely. I can add in that the tagline that I practiced for myself, which is South Africa’s Top Psychic, I crafted it after reading your material and working with you. By South Africa’s Top Psychic, I actually mean I have the highest listenership. I'm on a really popular radio station. That radio station’s program, the morning show, has 8 million people listening to it every day. I'm not on it every day, I'm on it once a month. But that means that 8 million people are listening to me. There are other good psychics in the world, there are other good psychics in South Africa. There are other very accurate and helpful psychics in the world.

By saying, “I'm South Africa’s top psychic,” I just gave myself a tagline that is true and that works. It’s also, as you say, what makes it relevant to the audience. I want to represent this country. It’s not my country at first. I am American, but I live here and I'm going to live here for a long while. I'm raising my child here. South Africa is a good place to be right now. I'm very happy to be here. It all ties together.

That is really a great point. That your moniker, what you name yourself, really needs to be true. Because there are a lot of people who are calling themselves America’s top this and America’s  top that and there’s no basis behind it. Before you give yourself a name, you do have to have the gravitas and the statistics or whatever the experience behind it. You did, and you just proved that, that you have the highest listenership. You’ve also worked with over 20,000 people. That gives you a huge amount of credibility.

I remember one of my clients, when she first was starting out. By the way, now she’s a New York Times Bestselling author. At the time, she had written a self-published book and she said it was a bestseller. I said, "An Amazon best seller?" I said, “How many copies has it sold?” It was like 20. I said, you cannot call … yourself a bestseller because you sold 20 copies on Amazon. I said, “You just can't do that.”

I don’t know what the amount is to become a REAL bestseller because for the New York Times it can be many different things based on the other books that are published at that time, but it’s typically a minimum of 20,000 [books sold]. That’s not really even considered a bestseller at that. I love that you have the gravitas and you back that up. Do you think that giving yourself that tagline … How then did the reality TV show find you? How did they find you?

I talked to the producers about how they found me. I talked to them while they were in the process. They said that they were Googling and they were Googling to look for people in vastly different countries. Australia, Scotland. They were looking all over the place and for people who speak different languages. They had somebody from Mexico and they had somebody from Turkey. I think that because I put “South Africa’s Top Psychic,” I'm pretty sure that that helped them find me.

That’s great. What was the interview process like in order to vet you to be on the show?

It was that they made me make a video of myself because they wanted to see that I was lively and talkative and could string a sentence together. They had me describe what my special skills were. I sent in my video. There were more than 100 candidates from many different countries. If they were from neighboring countries, they were given train tickets. We were all flown to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, in the beginning of July. The filming went on for six months.

The thing is, is that I told them that since I have a small child, I would only be able to be there for a maximum of three weeks. I was with them for three weeks. I made it to the top 10, which is fantastic and I was really thrilled. But because I was only there for three weeks,I was seriously filming about 16 hours a day. It was so intense. In the long run, when I'm watching the show now, they chose to edit out my segments because I couldn’t complete their story arc because I couldn't stay the whole six months.

The people who are still there … Actually, I believe it’s finished now. I believe it’s finished this month. They were the people who could stay. They were people who didn’t have the same family obligations that I did. When I talked to you before the filming and I said, "Look, I'm leveraging all of this publicity before I go,” you said, “That’s great because we don’t know how it’s going to turn out anyway.”

Here’s the thing, even though I did make it into the top 10, they chose not to use the footage because of my limited time. Thank goodness I did all of that leveraging beforehand.

You never do know how much you're going to be actually in any kind of storyline that has extensive footage or even has footage for a top show by the way. One of my other clients, he’s a regular on a reality TV show. He said the same thing, that they do film quite a lot of segments but he’s not sure necessarily which ones are going to air.

Because they have to craft the story after the fact and then they piece it together so that it makes sense. The people who win in the end, then they [the producers] go back to the beginning and they find all of the footage of those people and really put a lot of them in  at the beginning.

This is the same in a reality TV show as it is with any kind of extended news show or even sometimes a four-minute segment. You were talking about creating an arc. There is an arc to a story, to the entire story with all the people involved. There are also story arcs or arcs for each of the people too.

Like in Game of Thrones. There’s a story arc for each character and a story arc for each season. For a little while, I was a documentary film producer. I was working on a documentary that was made by some really famous people in the UK about kids behind bars in Brazil. I was one of the translators. I played a really minor role in producing the film.

One of the kids was 9 years old when he first went into jail. He was 14 years old when he was released from jail but he looks so different from 9 to 14 because of the changes that he’d gone through while he was in prison. They almost couldn’t use the footage, if you know what I mean. The audience would not have been able to identify him as the same person.

That’s interesting, that’s fascinating. That’s another way to connect because that could be an advantage too. “Look what happened.”

That’s what they decided. They did a split screen with his name on it. They said before and after. They had a choice. They had many different child candidates to show. They preferred to show the ones that it was really easy to identify. I'm sure you coach your clients on this also. When I was a child actor, I was a child actor for like 1 season one a TV show. Really. I decided to cut my hair, I cut my hair really short without consulting the director. She said, “What have you done? Now there’s no continuity at all. We’re going to have to make you wear a baseball cap for the rest of the show.”

Wow. You don’t think about those kinds of things.

I was 11, I didn’t think about that.

Because it’s not something that …

My hair was blonde by choice. I thought a lot about the way I looked. I like the way that I look, but I'm glad that I liked the way that I look because I'm going to need to look like this for a long time now.

That’s interesting. Keep that consistency of image so people recognize you. That’s something that’s really interesting. I'm talking to a woman about branding right now. She’s talking about if she wants to wear the same clothes over and over again. These are branding choices about how you look and how you want to be perceived and creating a consistency. They're really there sinking deeply, even something about your hair color and your hairstyle, about keeping that really consistent. Let’s go back to how else you’ve maximized your publicity when the show did air and now you're not even in it.

Before I went, I got covered in national newspapers. That was really important to me because I'm holding seminars, teaching seminars not only in Johannesburg, where I'm based, but also in Durban and Cape Town which are the other main cities in South Africa. The story was picked up by a Durban newspaper. In that article it said, “She’s going to Ukraine and she’s going to represent South Africa,” and then said, “She will be giving seminars when she returns.” I did, I came back and then I gave the seminars. They were sold out. I was thrilled about that.

Wonderful. When you said national newspaper, it was in the Durban newspapers, was it picked up by other newspapers? What did you say, Cape Town and Johannesburg?

Right. The news was spread via a national news service which is called News 24. That was a syndicated news. It was picked up, but more on a personal basis, and I’ll get to that in a second, by the features editor of the Durban Newspaper which is called The Mercury. It was also in the Saturday Star I believe and also in the Johannesburg papers.

I hired a publicist even though maybe I didn’t need to. I don’t have a healthy up to date list of the names and numbers of the journalists and the editors that I wanted to send this to. I hired her basically just for her email list. Because I had crafted the press release by myself, the news press release, and because I had really good high res photographs that I was really proud of, all she had to do was hit send.

Wonderful. I just want to recap what you did and what the effect was. What you had said first was that photographs are super important today, especially in our visual age where a photograph can make a story. You look really beautiful, you've got your blonde hair. You've got some other photographs where you’re more full body and face. Sometimes even action photos are really helpful, certainly on the Internet.

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You also did local publicity which went national in Durban, Cape Town, and Johannesburg that then got syndicated. You never know when a story is going to get syndicated when it’s interesting, but obviously yours is interesting enough to get picked up and circulated and then to make it into local papers which then helped you fill up and sell out your seminars. Which was the goal, right?

Totally. One thing I want to say is after it went syndicated and after it made it to the other town’s newspapers, then individual journalists called me to do individual interviews. I don’t know if they were more or less interesting than the original news story, but they had a question and answer format which some people like better and it’s a little bit more engaging and talkative.

Nice. I just want to say also, sometimes people, because we’re in a digital age, sometimes people are really discounting newspapers and magazines. But they're actually a super powerful way to get publicity. The most powerful strategy is to use those digital and offline media. Now, because it’s becomes so crowded online, actually offline, if you can do it … Shannon is really experienced and obviously you’ve had a lot of other experience too that really made this effective, just the fact that you know what a good story is from doing documentary films. These are the kinds of things that play into a background and that also are impressive to the media.

The other thing that I wanted to point out is that they needed to know you were mediagenic. When you were applying for that Ukraine reality TV show, your video was of the essence in order to pass the producers’ test to even get on the show. Every one of you, if you're looking to do TV, you have to have a little demo video of at least two minutes that imitate … If you haven’t been on a local TV show, it’s what imitates a real TV interview in order for the producers to know that you're mediagenic and that you can handle yourself on TV.

You did all of these things right. It sounded like the results were really great for you in terms of filling up your seminars. Were there also other results that came from that? Your immediate plan was to fill up your seminars, are there other benefits that happened?

Sure. I'm looking to host my own television program and/or to be a guest on a regular television program. I already got radio down. I'd like to transfer my skills and my availability and the help that I can get people to TV. Working on the Ukraine TV show and even just talking about that I worked on the Ukraine TV show, boosts my possibilities of making TV here.

You're absolutely right that I think the demo video, which I then put in my YouTube channel obviously, really elevated my profile. Also, I decided then, even before I went to Ukraine, now I'm going to film everything that I do. When I have these seminars with 50 women in a room and then giving each of them an answer, now I film it with their permission. Each woman comes up to the front, sits in the chair next to me, kind of like Oprah. I give her her answers and then everybody claps and we’re filming it. It’s like having a TV show. It is that. It’s almost “fake it till you make it” but it’s “create what you want and show people what it could look like.”

That is so brilliant. That follows along the lines of what the Mormons do by the way when the Mormons need to go out and convert people. Each Mormon needs to do that. They practice in a real studio of a real living room. They're going to go into people’s living rooms. They have a studio with a real living room and they sit down and they do role-play with people as if they're sitting in their living rooms because that’s enacting the real scenario that they're being sent out to do in order to convert people to Mormonism.

We have friends who are running podcasts even like this one. We have friends who have radio shows or blog talk radio or whatever, we can get interviewed on those radio shows and we could offer them content and value that will be useful to their audiences. It’s just creating a huge body of evidence and proof that we are mediagenic, as you say, and that it's useful and helpful and should we have more than what we have been given, we can multiply.

I love that. I love that you said it’s a body of evidence, a future reality. By you doing filming every single time you do a seminar where you said it’s like having a TV show, you actually are creating your reality. You're putting this out into the world and showing that you can do it. By doing it, the actual act of doing it, actually puts you closer to your goal as well.

Absolutely. Both in, as you say, both in the world above and the world below. In the practical sense, figuring out how to do it, figuring out the timing, figuring out the lighting, figuring out the logistics. Do I have the person come up? Do I have them stay in the audience? Which works better? It’s amazing practice.

It is. I love that you mentioned the logistics because I think a lot of people don’t realize how much work there is in the logistics and that that’s really an important part of making the whole thing flow, both energetically and visually. You’ve been experimenting with having some women come up, having women sit down and other things. Have you experimented with other things as well? What other things are involved in the logistics?

I'm coming here from the side of psychology. I have a friend who is a practicing real psychologist, a licensed psychologist. She and I talk a lot about the container. Whether you're doing coaching, which you do a lot of, or therapy or helping people in any way or hosting a TV show, there’s such a thing as a container, which is letting people know how long it’s going to go for, giving them a beginning point and an end point, benchmarking them, “How stressed are you? You're stressed 9 out of 10? Oh my goodness, we’ll be addressing that in this session.”

Doing the work and then recapping, which you're also very good at, and then benchmarking them again, “How’s your stress level now? It’s down to a 3, fantastic. Are you clear about what you're going to do going forward? Okay. Thanks very much for coming up and giving your answer. You go back to your seat and we’ll be ready for our next client.

That container, which works so well in psychology because a person who’s going to a therapist wants to know, how much is this going to cost, how long is this going to take me, am I going to feel better? It works very well in coaching and works very well in TV. You can see that they're all related.

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What you're talking about is creating a consistent structure and also a way of setting expectations both for the audience and the people involved live. That also creates a safety. The safety-ness and the comfortableness both with the people involved and also in the audience themselves. If you notice, all TV shows and all news shows, they have a format, a consistent format that you can expect.

It’s even the same thing in a book. Books have a certain structure so we can feel comfortable as we move through that structure. That creates an underlying comfort level in both your participants and the viewers to understand what to expect.

I think what you were talking about in terms of also showing what your results are. For you, results are a really important aspect of your work. Also, anyone who’s doing media, when you want to actually do media appearances and have them result in actual sales and clients and experiences and real things happening in the world, it’s super important then to structure your sound bites in such a way that people really get your experience and that they get that you're effective.

It doesn’t even matter if you have clients or not, or you're selling something. It’s about creating that confidence in you and being fascinating at the same time. That draws people to you. I think it’s the fascination, it’s the proof of your experience and it’s the trust. You and I, Shannon, were talking at the very beginning that now trust is established in 1/10th of a second. Believability, not in 3 seconds, in 1/10th of a second. You actually said that this is like the vibration reaching us even before, almost before we see a person, that we've already got the vibe, right?

I do think so. I think that we should trust that vibe more often about who we partner with, whether it’s romantically or professionally. I think we should really trust that vibe which is what what Sonia Choquette says all the time. Really trust that intuition and follow it. Don’t cross everybody off of your list just because you have not a very good first impression of them. But, at least give them the benefit of the doubt for a little while. But also pay attention to that and take them with a grain of salt. If it comes true that they aren’t really the person for you … Then, I really see a lot of that with my clients, that they have a hard time disengaging with someone with whom they’ve invested time or money. That’s romantically and in business.

Actually, if it’s not working, it’s not working. If you’ve tried to change it and it hasn’t worked, then it’s up to us. It’s up to us to have the authority to say I need better for my life, and I need to clear that out and go forward. It happened to me with another publicist. I told you about that one publicist that I hired. But my friend who works in radio with me was insistent that I work with her publicist. I said, “Okay, I’ll take both of them on and I’ll see what happens.” Have you ever done that, hired two people at the same time to do a job?

I have.

Just to see what happens, to see who does better. I did. The one that I told you about worked brilliantly. She had sent, and she also done follow up with me and she followed up with the journalists. She was really friendly and really nice. The other one, she said she had sent and she said she sent it to 35 people. I never ever got anything from any of the people that were on her list. I don’t know why that happened. My first impression of her was, “This isn't a fit for me.” I went ahead and did it anyway as a favor to my friend. I paid her, but there was no results whatsoever. Interesting, isn't it?

Very interesting. Obviously, I think that there are two parts to that too, that when you do hire a publicist, that you go by your first impression then you do your due diligence. You look at their past experience. You also can tell, like you said, your publicist that you felt good about was friendly and you trusted her to hit send and feed back the results of her hitting send so you knew that she had done it. The other one, it doesn’t even sound like you had any evidence that she actually done it.

I think she did do it but I don’t know why it didn’t work. It doesn’t matter. In fact, I'd like to say that this whole process … I'm going to say thanks to you again. Thanks to you and thanks to being part of your Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul group membership club. It was an incredibly low cost campaign. Really, really do it yourself, really low cost. I don’t think I spent more than $1,000 doing this whole thing.

Wow. That’s really wonderful. That’s kind of unusual because typically publicists in the US are much more expensive than that unless you go pay for placement. That’s pretty unusual. But you did a really targeted local campaign. You weren’t doing national publicity. Were you doing national publicity in South Africa?

Our prices are different from South Africa to America. I converted the money in my head right now to dollars. I had professional photographs taken. I did all of the writing. I said that I would follow up with all of the journalists. All I wanted her to do was hit send. She really didn’t have to do anything else. She agreed to do that for a price that was really low because it was our first feel. She wanted to see whether it would work. I wanted to see whether it would work. I was really satisfied with that. I will use her again for my next project.

That’s really wonderful. I love it. Also, I do want to say that in the Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul membership club, you did all the assignments. Obviously, that’s why you had success. You came to the Q&A calls every month. We’re now moving on to 12 modules. You did all of the modules and you actually put that into action and followed it through.

You hired a publicist, you’ve gotten your sound bites down, you did your video for the Ukraine show, you put your videos now up on YouTube. You're a psychic. You deal in the other world but you're also very grounded and you’ve dealt with this world too.

There are two parts of that equation. It’s not about like what some people interpret the secret as, that you choose whatever you want from a catalog in the universe and you sit in your desk and wait for it to happen. I don’t think it works like that. You choose what you want from the catalog of the universe and then you work your butt off to make it happen.

Luckily I can say that it was super fun. I can say that the homework assignments were really helpful for my own self-development. Because as I defined myself more clearly and more closely and I was able to describe myself and what I wanted and what I was selling and what I was offering, I felt better about it. It was an upward feedback loop that got easier and easier every time I did it.

I like that, an upward feedback loop. In this feedback loop, one of the things that was necessary for you to do in order to even create your video was to create your sound bites. You said you had worked on those. You had four that you always included in your press release.

My tagline, “South Africa’s top psychic” is what I would consider one of them because it’s a short sharp phrase that defines, so I consider that a primary one. The next one is, “You are guided,” which I really believe is the soul of my work. The other one is, “Everyone has an angel.” I never want people to feel left out. I never want people to feel like only some people have angels and some people don’t. It doesn’t matter what religion you are, it doesn’t matter if you're an atheist. There is a divine intelligence and it’s working for you.

Another one is use is, “Life is for you.” Meaning, life is on your behalf, life is not working against you. You don’t have bad karma. There’s not exactly such a thing as having bad karma. The last one is, “I want to work myself out of a job.” Meaning that I want other people to be able to do this. A lot of my work is, “This is what your angels and guide would sound like if you wanted to hear them every day.”

I only allow myself to have one session with a client per year. That’s a 10 question session with a lot of follow-up questions. All of the information that she would need for the whole year, I do it in one session. Then I say, “Please don’t call me for the next 12 months.” I don’t have a business plan where she can call me in a week or that she’s keeping me on retainer. I really don’t have that.

That’s shocking.

Yeah, it is.

I had an acupuncturist like that, Dr. Ou She would say she didn’t want you to make an appointment after you’ve just finished an appointment. She says, “We’ll see what happens, you call me when it's necessary.” That’s a very unusual business model because I think a lot of people are taught, especially coaches, that you want someone to stay invested for as long as possible with you. Your model is about creating independence in that client right away. You don’t have repeat business unless, it’s once a year. You want to work yourself out of a job.

That’s the kinds of things that you express that I think tell people that you're both trustworthy and that you believe in all of those things that you just said. That we can each speak to our angels individually but you are a facilitator and once we understand … I think you give us that capacity or that container to understand that this is possible and then how to get those answers for ourselves because we’re not used to getting them.

What I like with what you do is that in your sound bites, you're talking about what you want for yourself and your clients in the future, not just now. Talking about your future business or your future daydream is a really important part of moving that into the conversation of your sound bite. You can be supported in not just where you are now, but supported in your future.

What a cool observation. I hadn’t actually noticed that angle, but I think you're right. I do my radio shows weekly as community service. I do say, “You can call in to one of my radio shows any time you want. You can always have one question and it can be anonymous. If you get stuck six months from now and you don’t know whether to take job A or job B, please feel free to call in for free.” I do offer them that. The thing is, it’s really hard to get through to my radio show because there are so many people who call.

I also say that they're allowed to come to a seminar and ask just one question as long as it’s a fresh question. I don’t know if you know this about people who visit psychics, it’s in one of my articles that I've written, it’s," 7 Things Not To Do When You're Visiting A Psychic." I also have one like, "5 Things Bad Psychics Do." They're related, the two articles. One of them is bad psychics ask you for a lot of background information and then just tell you what they heard. “Oh, you're a specialist, huh? I see you working with TV and newspapers.” Duh, you just told her that. There’s no point in going to somebody who’s going to take your information and give it back to you.

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A lot of people I think would be baffled about your business model. You're turning people away, you're giving them a couple of different ways that they might engage with you but it’s really hard to get through on your radio show, it’s like, “I need Shannon now.”

Because I don’t want them to need Shannon now, I want them to need themselves now. Go away. That’s my business model, go away. Go swim.

I think that’s a great sound bite too.

It sounds actually much harsher than how I actually feel. What I really want to do is teach them how to do it themselves so then they don’t need me. Because that’s kind of an addiction also. People get addicted to their healers and to their psychic. “Shannon can solve my problems. I must go see Shannon.” I'm like, “No, dude. I'm not here to solve your problems. You are here to solve your problems. This is what solving your problems sounds like and looks like. Okay, now, you can do it, go swim.”

Talk about how you have a thriving business from not taking people on.

I do. I have long lines of people waiting to see me. People come back year after year. I have an assistant and we used to send annual reminders. “It is time. You had a session last November, now it’s time for your annual session.” Now I notice that people just remind themselves. Sometimes, if their session last year was in November, then they schedule for October. I don’t care, that’s fine. 11 months and 12 months, no big deal.

When you also do your sound bites, do you have other sound bites that talk about other situations that you’ve helped people in? I know you work with anyone or anything. Do you have sound bites about stories that you tell when you're being interviewed or do you always just take on questions or people actually asking you about your work?

Susan, I think that’s a real area of development for me. I really have been looking a lot at the way that you do that and the way that other people who do things that you do talk about their clients and how their clients came to great success. There are some of my restrictions though. It’s anonymous and it’s really confidential, my work. Also, when people come back year after year, they might tell me and they do tell me, “Yeah, I got married. Yeah, I had that kid. Yes, I have joined that company and yes, I'm really successful.”

I don’t usually ask them for a lot of information. I think you can see why, because I try not to take information. I try to just give the messages that their angels are giving them. I would say that that’s a weak point in my whole PR strategy. I do have a good story. Can I tell you a good story?


This is when I was still seeing people really face to face. Now, I do mostly phone and Skype and my VIP face-to-face sessions are much, much more expensive. When I was seeing people face to face all the time, a woman came to me and said, “You saw my boyfriend about three months ago,” and immediately I was very put off. I said, “Look, you can't ask about other people. I don’t know who your boyfriend was.” I was a little bit dismissive. She said, “No, you don’t understand. He’s dead.” I said, “He’s dead? He died?” She said, “Yes. You told him that he was in trouble.” I said, “Okay, you better come in and sit down.”

She told me that three months before, there was a man. Then when she pieced it together, I remembered who it was. He was 35, he was an executive, he was burning the candle at both ends, really driving himself crazy. He was starting to get very distracted in his life. His angel said, “Hey, you could have a car accident. You're texting and driving and trying to work and do all of these things at the same time. This is really dangerous for you.” He said, “Whatever, whatever. What about my girlfriend?” The message was, “No, she’s not the right person for you. Please let her go.” He was only 35, he died of a heart attack a week after my session.

She comes and finds me three months later, tells me the whole story and then she says, “One of the last things he said to me was, “Shannon said, we should get married,” which was a big lie! He had used the session to try to convince her to marry him even though I had said, “No, you guys aren’t a good match.” I said, “What did you think about that? I'm sorry, did you want to marry him?” She said, “No, I didn’t think we were a good match at all.” What a story, huh?

What a story. That’s really wild. How people can use it against …

There are a lot of things messed up in this, huh? He didn’t listen to the advice about working too hard. I didn’t know how he was going to die. I was saying I thought he was going to have a car accident. I hoped he wouldn’t die, obviously. Heart attack at 35, pretty weird. The woman saying, “Yes, he said that we should get married.” I said, “No, actually I had said exactly the opposite.” She was so relieved because she was thinking, “Oh, really? Did I just lose the man that would have been my husband?” No, she didn’t.

Interesting. I have an idea for you about how to collect these stories. What about if you just have people call into your free conference line and if they choose to use that story, that they can put as many details as they want into the story. Invite people, anybody who wants to tell about what … I would invite even your radio audience. “If you would like to tell about the success of your, or how this worked out, no matter what time, call into this line and leave a message. You can do it either anonymously or you can leave all of your information.”

Oh my gosh, that is so perfect. There was a woman who was called in to my radio show not that long ago. She said, “Remember me, I'm the one who lost my sense of smell?” I said, “Certainly I remember you. That was quite a dramatic problem.” She said, “It’s 3 weeks and I regained my sense of smell because you told me to inhale those essential oils. I hadn’t had a sense of smell for a whole year and all of my food tasted like sand.”

That’s wonderful. That’s a beautiful story to tell. I love that it is so short and it’s so sweet and it’s really visual because the essential oils and the sand. Those are really super great details. I hope that people listening will listen to the way that Shannon tells stories because it’s really very engaging. Part of the reason why it’s so engaging is not only the way that she uses her voice, because you have these intonations that’s riveting. In the way that you use pauses, in the way that you elongate certain words or emphasize certain words.

The other thing that’s so interesting is that you use very descriptive details that put us in that situation. We really are feeling what you're saying. Obviously that’s one of your gifts because you feel other people. You have the gift then of allowing other people to feel as well. The gift is going both ways for you. I just want to point that out to people.

I had never noticed that before. I have the gift of being an impasse, which really is kind of a troublesome gift, right?

Yes, it is.

Because I can feel other people’s stuff all the time. I have to work really hard on my boundaries to decide when I'm going to allow myself to feel other people’s symptoms. Also, I feel sick all the time.

The gift is that too, that you can describe things in such a way that makes other people feel too. The gift is going both ways. Just listening to you, I'm riveted by all of those stories that you’ve told.

It’s kind of you to observe that because I had really never noticed that before. Thanks because you're on the receiving end so you're really getting it. Cool.

Exactly. Any other things that I didn’t ask you? I guess I want to know also about how you're leveraging your glamability and all the publicity that you’ve already gotten? If there’s another way that you're continuing to keep the ball rolling?

You’ve filled up your seminars. Your radio shows, there’s a waiting list. You don’t allow people to come to you for more than one session a year, although they can attend your seminars or they can call in on the radio show.

What else are you doing, if anything, to keep all of that energy, all of that great energy moving forward for your next level? I think you said your next level was, were you going to teach people to do what you do? Or you just want people to be independent? You want to have your own TV show?

I do want to be on TV. I'm working on another book. I'm talking to Hay House about that now. If I get Hay House, that would be really the perfect platform for me. I would be rubbing elbows on the stages with Mike Dooley and Deepak Chopra and all of those other things. People that I've read their books for years and years. I would very much love that. I think that would be perfect.

One of the things that you could do to, or one of the things that you put in the book, as you know is endorsements. One way that you can get endorsements from people like Mike Dooley and Deepak Chopra is to offer to do a session with them.

I could, you're right.

Sure. You can always talk to their assistant because you can always also get into that by offering it to the assistant as well. A lot of people discount people’s assistants but they're the gatekeepers to people and they're your helpers. They're the people who you want on your side. I'm not saying that just to be nice to people to get something. I'm saying of course you should always be nice to everyone and consider everyone your friend and helper. They are one of the best helpers. This is the same for producers by the way. People often give gifts to the hosts and they forget the producers. The producer has done all of the work. The host gets all of the glory.

The producers are the ones who call and the producers are the ones who know who I am. When I show up at the radio station, it’s often the producers who greet me by name. The host is drinking coffee and looks at me, squinting and saying, “Yeah, you're that psychic.”

Exactly. It’s about treating those producers and the people who are doing all of the work, rewarding them with a lovely gift and showering your attention and just being grateful for the work that they’ve done and not just the person who’s in the front getting the glory. All of those people who are helping behind the scenes. That’s just one thing that you can do. Just pop in. That would be an easy way for you to get endorsements from some of those people which will elevate your book proposal and also elevate the status of your book when you have those quotes on the back.

That’s really helpful. That’s great. Keeping the good energy flowing, as you were asking about, I'm in touch with the journalists and with the radio producers and the other people who interviewed me. I was really, really happy to get one on our top radio station here, a top talk radio, which is called 702 and it simulcasts in Cape Town. The woman who called me was the producer. She said, “This presenter really wants to talk to you but she’s really pretty skeptical. She wants to do a reading with you privately but she’s going to videotape it. If you're accurate, she will broadcast the video and she will have you on her radio show. If you're not accurate, she won’t and she may even say something bad about you.”

I thought, "Oh no, what kind of pressure is this?" I think I'm 85% accurate but I'm not 100% accurate. 85 is better than 0 but it’s not as good as 100. I went there and she videoed me. It was before, it was three hours before her radio show was going to go on. It’s the worst kind of thing for me actually. She said, “I have an injury on my body. Where is it?” I don’t like it when it’s that confrontational. I like it when people say, “How can I get back together with my baby daddy?” We work on strategies together. It feels more collaborative.

Luckily, instantly I felt the pain in my right shoulder. It felt like band-aid as pain over my shoulder. I described that to her. She said, “Actually that is exactly where it is.” She said, “What I've done is I've put these little …” I don’t know if you’ve seen this. Kinesiology tapes right there on the part that looked like a blue band aid actually.” That’s what I was feeling in my arm as I was talking to her, right in my shoulder. She broadcasted the video, thank God.

Yay. What else are you doing …

Keeping it going. I don’t have a good newsletter. I have a subscription list of about 5,000 and I don’t have a newsletter and I don’t have a capture on my webpage. All of these things are tools that I need to get going. I need to do the free report, gifts, those kinds of things. There’s a lot more that I could do, really. I'm so not done yet.

I think those are really important things to leverage your glamability. For people who don’t know, she’s talking about an opt in box or an incentive for some sort of special report or a video or something to give someone in order to get them their name and email address so she can continue to contact them on there via a newsletter. You already have 5,000 people that you’ve connected with.

One thing you might be to do to yes, connect to those people, and to talk about your dream of getting your own TV show. Just putting it out there, that you also have this new telephone line where they can call and get to conference line and leave a message. If you use that conference line all time, you want to get another line specifically for that where they can leave a message of their results. Just a newsletter could be something super simple. Telling about the Ukraine experience, telling them when this contest is up, that they can look into this contest.

BAMD0029 | Leverage your glamability


Also, just talking a little bit about your news. Tell them about your big dream that you want to get a TV show. Because you have no idea who’s on that list. They may be able to help you realize your dream. You don’t know.

One of the best ways in South Africa, I don’t know how it is in the States right now, but before I can get a TV show, I really need an anchor sponsor. Someone who’s big. As big as Kroger or Macy’s, a really big sponsor. That’s how TV shows are made here right now. I can talk about that and ask for that and put it out there and see what happens.

Absolutely. I love that. Was there anything else that I haven’t asked you that you wanted to add?

No. We could talk for hours. Let’s get down to helping you with a session. Let’s do a mini session for you.

Great. I have three questions. Number one is, what is the next book that I haven’t written yet that I have to write?

Before I go into that, I would like to turn myself on. I would like to switch on and ask permission to be able to do your work. I don’t walk around switched on all the time. Just like a dentist wouldn’t walk around looking at people’s teeth. What I'm going to do is say a short prayer that will ask for permission for me to serve as your translator. The prayer sounds like this, “Dear God. Please allow me to serve as Susan’s translator. Please give her your divine guidance and allowing her to your path. Amen.” Susan, sorry to make you repeat, could you please say your question one more time?

Sure. What is the next book that I haven’t written yet that I have to write?

They're saying it’s a quick book. It’s going to be really easy for you to write. It’s going to be fun and it isn't really directly related to the field that I know that you do. It’s related to something else. It’s a guide or a handbook. It’s a how to. It can be made available digitally. What they're saying is that it’s local, local, local to you. What it could be, the thing that’s coming to my mind is … What is the name of the town where you live right now?

San Rafael.

What is it?

San Rafael. San Rafael, California.

San Rafael. Thank you. It could be a guide to the art deco architecture of this place. A guide to the local foraging foliage of this place. A guide to the … I don't know. They're coming up with the astrology of this place. I don’t know that means. Oh, may lines. A guide to the geopathic stress and places of this place. Do you remember the concept of genius loci?


Which means the spirit of a place. Sometimes it’s spelled genius, like a very intelligent person. Loci, sometime spelled with a double I. It has to do with the Deva or the deity or the overarching angel or spirit of that particular place where you are. I don't know anything about the place where you live. I've never been there. Your angels are saying that you yourself, Susan, have a very special connection to that place. Connecting and talking to the Deva of your place will reveal something wonderful and beautiful about your town and about its … not actually it’s history. It’s not who was mayor or who discovered it or when the Spanish left. It’s not about that but something very special that people can walk around with. It will have a map.

That’s what I get. The idea of it would be you are really multi-talented. You don’t have to stick with one area of expertise. Writing is just a joy for you. It’s just fun. This actually could be a moneymaker. There could be a little app attached to it that could be connected to the tourism and the spirituality of your place. Susan, that’s your answer.

That’s totally wild. I had no idea.

It could be a little bit weird. Maybe you can let it simmer because it certainly doesn’t have to be done by tomorrow afternoon.

Does it have to do with Aikido? Can you tune in to that? Because the geopathic stress or foraging foliage, that’s not something I have any knowledge of but is it something ...

Or even have any interest in. Aikido, that’s what you are writing a book about?


We were going for the next one that you hadn’t written yet. What would you like to ask about your Aikido book?

I have another question about my other books that wasn’t the Aikido book. I'm not sure what the question would be about the Aikido book. Let’s ask about my verbal self-defense guide for girls. What would be the best strategy and methodology for getting my girl’s self-defense book into organizations and schools?

They want you to go with the Girl Scouts, the actual Girl Scouts that sell cookies. Verbal self-defense. They're saying it would be a real winner and that your chapters make a fantastic poster. “The 10 ways to defend yourself verbally.” It makes a poster that you would print and you would distribute it to all of the Girl’s Scouts. They’re talking about nationally, contacting the national organization of Girl Scouts.

Great. Anywhere else?

The way your angels are telling it to me is that it’s perfect for 11 year olds. What’s your target audience?

Probably 15 to 25. Are you talking about defending oneself from being cat called, for example?


Your angels would like to point out that that’s happening younger than it happened for us. They would really, really like you to frame the language in a way that an 11 to 15 year old could understand. This happened to me when I was a kid. I was probably 12. I was walking down the street and two boys were walking towards me. I wasn’t wearing a bra and my breasts were just starting to develop so they were poking through the little jersey that I was wearing, the little sweater.

These two boys, from about 20 feet away, started pointing at me and laughing at me. I didn’t know why they were doing it. As they walked towards me, they started going, “Mosquito bite, mosquito bite. They look like mosquito bites,” and then they walked passed me. To tell you the truth, I didn’t get what they were talking about until maybe five minutes later. Then I just was burning with shame. So embarrassed. I was crushed. It actually did my self-esteem some harm.

That’s the kind of scenario, of course you explained it so vividly, where a girl could respond in such a way to make sure that those boys understand that that’s not right to say. “That’s none of your business,” or “Get away from me.” Anything like that.

Maybe there are multiple audiences for your book. There is an audience that’s the 15 to 25 year old audience, a university level audience, we would say, that age, or working women. There’s also an audience that you can reframe, you can take the same content and you can make it available and useable to girls even from the age of 11, which we call tweens these days.

Great. Now I have a question that’s sort of broad but just given that I've got so many different projects …

Can I just interrupt because I'm getting a little bit of information about that?


It’s, “Talk back to,” and then there’s a blank. “Talk back to …” What’s a word that start with T that is mean? Talk back to?

To tease?

To teasing. Talk back to teasing. That’s a younger version. You're talking about more serious abuse. I'm still aiming at the younger audience.


Because the boys will way, if you confront them with it, they will say, “Are you joking? This is not sexual abuse? I was just teasing her. What’s the big deal?” Teasing is still condoned in our society, where it actually shouldn't be. That’s another possible use. Because you know that you like to take content and multiply its uses. That’s’ another way for you to look at.

Should I run by a title of you or should I ask a more general question?

Try the title. What have you got?

We’re renaming it, True Shield: Verbal Self-Defense Guide For Girls.

Why do you say ‘girls’ if you have just told me that your audience is 15 to 25?

I have another one. Verbal Self-Defense For Young Women and Girls. Geez, that’s so long and bulky. Girls, I think we have a “survival guide for girls” which means girls for our age, yours and mine. Girls can be more board than just … like “girl’s guide to wearing stilettos.” Those are the kinds of things that I think use of the word ‘girls’ is more broad.

When we’re talking about offending a woman about her sexuality, I think it would be more respectful to use the word ‘woman’ rather than ‘girl’ because ‘girl’ … I know what you're saying but when you say “a girls guide to stilettos”, it’s when you and I and are speaking to each other casually and in a fun way and we can both accept each other kind of a way. The oppressed people can always use the oppressed language among themselves. In this, “a girls guide to talking back …” True Shield. I like True Shield quite a bit.

You do? Good.

I really love true shield. Your angels are giving it a big check mark and a big yes, a big go ahead. The tag line, the subtitle needs a little bit of work around maintaining the level of respect. A true shield is super respectful, isn't it? It gives you that knight in shining armor, we are the women warriors. It could be waging a war, true shield, waging war against … and then what’s another way to say inappropriate behavior? It carries well with the true shield because it loses its power when you say the word ‘girls’ there at the end.

What about True Shield; Verbal Self Defense For Young Women And Teens?

Just say young women because as teen, I want to consider myself a young woman. I don’t really want to consider myself a teen. If I was 15, I would gladly read a book aimed at young women. Just drop ‘and teens’. Because I'm aspirationally a young woman, aren’t I?


There’s a negative around ‘girls’ in this context only.

Wonderful. Thank you. That’s really helpful. I really love that. Thank you for that.

BAMD0029 | Leverage your glamability


Your angels and guides want to tell you something about the view that you have when you're writing. I don’t know what your room looks like where you write but they're saying that they want you to have a longer view. Do you have the possibility of looking out a window that has sky and looks toward something tall, like a palm tree? Do you have that possibility?

I have no palm trees here but looking out a window or in my garden or something like that? Doing it in, writing in the garden?

Yes, you could write in the garden or you could write at a window that’s near the garden. Your angels are pointing out that you are … Of all of the kingdoms, that is the angel kingdom, the healing kingdom, the mineral kingdom, the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom, the kingdom that wants to help you the most is the plant kingdom. Plant medicine, herbal remedies, things like flower essences, essential oils. All of those things are really your allies in these chapters in writing this book.

Some people like to keep crystals around and so they're really aligned with the mineral kingdom, some people love their fish or their cat or their bird or whatever. You could love all of those things but this is a voluntary connection from the plant kingdom to you saying, “Susan, we want to work with you.”

I love that because we have a very robust garden.

You do?

Yeah. The garden is bigger than the house.

By the way the garden in the back, in the bagua, in Feng shui it’s in the romantic/love area so it’s a visionary place for us too, a creation of our relationship in the garden. Maybe that’s part of it.

What’s the tallest tree that you have? What’s the tallest thing there, in the front of your …

We do have from really tall evergreens in the back.

Right. That’s it. I just saw a waving tree so I thought maybe it’s palm trees, it’s in California. If it’s a pine tree, really those are the things that they're talking to me about. You looking at them as they’re waving in the wind, getting inspired to know that you have as much an impact of a really, really tall tree that can be seen from far. Does that make sense to you?


If you get stuck at any point writing your book, it’s to go and be with those trees and say, “Show me how to be tall, show me how to have an impact, show me how to be visible from far. This is what I want for these ideas.” Because your ideas are so helpful and useful in the world.

Thank you for that. I love that. I do sometimes go and sit beneath them. There’s a little meditation bench off the path down there. I definitely wouldn’t be looking at them but I would be in them. That’s a nice place. They're all around.

The only thing I'm hearing about the Aikido is that they keep saying this funny pun on it in my ear which is Ai-kiddo. Do you think that exists already as a brand? It seems that’s a pretty easy brand to make. Ai-Kiddo.

No. I don’t know.

Maybe it already exists. There’s something about the childlike nature of the play of Aikido, which I don’t do although I would love to start. The serious child, the wise child, the eternal child.

It is very childlike. To see the kids doing it too is really great because they don’t have any hang ups about it. They're tumbling, they're fooling round. One of the tenets of Aikido is joy, you should leave joyful and better after training that when you came in. It’s so true. Sometimes I come really crabby and I always leave happier, no matter what.

You find the childhood when you do it.

Absolutely. Our sensei Hans Goto sensei is very childlike too. He’s got that impish and childlike quality. We’re always laughing a lot at things. I'm always making gasps inappropriately, not on purpose.

That’s so delightful. That’s just mostly such a kick. I'm glad that you're doing that.

It is. It’s lovely.

Does anything come to mind about your health? Do you have questions about your health? The way that I usually clients to frame their question is not, “Am I healthy?” It would be more like, “How can I fix this headache that I usually get at 4:00 in the afternoon?” If you could think of anything specific that’s bugging you about your health, you're not quite concerned about your health, you take good care of your health, but is there anything that’s irritating you?

Yes. I'm not sure I can say it on the air. Let’s talk about some mental probable symptoms where I'm not sleeping as well or I'm pretty tired, a little tired and worn down.

Your angels’ main recommendation for that is licorice, not licorice the candy but licorice the root. You can find licorice root and you can make tea out of it. In fact, it is in an ingredient in a lot of herbal mixtures of teas that you could find, like celestial seasonings and those. If you go to your health foods store or your whole foods and you look at the ingredients of tea, it’s going to be licorice. You can find licorice in a tea. That is a hormone rebalancer. That’s what your angels are recommending for you, and this is a lot, but could you please drink three cups of that per day?


Yeah, really.

I don’t love it for sure but I can try it. Are they saying anything else?

In a mix with other teas.

It’s so strong. I don’t mind it horribly but it’s not one of my favorite things for sure.

You can take licorice capsules and then you can't taste it.

They have licorice capsules?


That might be better.

BAMD0029 | Leverage your glamability


There is such a thing as de-glycerized licorice which has no effect on the blood pressure because glycerized licorice, or you could say just ordinary licorice, does cause blood pressure to rise. In fact people who have low blood pressure like to take licorice and people with high blood pressure should not take licorice because it could cause it to spike. In my mind, while I'm talking to you, I'm also talking to them so I'm on two calls. I said, “Why aren’t you recommending chaste berry?” Which is a really good hormone rebalance.

I am taking that.

They said no … Really?

I'm taking a lot of it.

They said please stop. They said it’s not appropriate for your level of estrogen.

Really? We just upped it to five capsules.

That’s not working. Also, have you noticed your symptoms getting better? No, you have not.

No, I have not.

Your angels are saying, “No, you have not.” They answered it for you actually.

We’re in sync.

Exactly. I'm going in my mind,"What about chaste berry?" They say, “No.” Then you say, “I'm taking chaste berry.” Your angels are going, “Yeah, see you're symptoms aren’t getting better so knock it off.”

What about myomin?

Is it MY?

MY, myomin. Let me ask this, is there anything else that I'm taking that I should not be taking or is there anything that I am taking that I should not be taking, like the chaste berry. We upped that.

I got it. Is there anything I'm taking that I should not be taking? No, everything else is fine. Is there anything that I'm not taking yet that I should be taking? Yes. They would like you to increase your multivitamin B. Are you already taking this?

It’s not a multi vitamin but I am taking B12 and B6 I think.

They're telling me that they want one with all of the Bs together, B1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. They want the one with all of the Bs.

1 to 10, okay.

Other than that, you’re doing really well.


And if you stop the chaste berry and if you start the licorice, your symptoms should go away within five days and you can tell me whether they do or not. Let’s see if they do. Let’s do an experiment.

We will do an experiment. Thank you.

It’s my go to also. I always use chaste berry. But they're saying not for you.

That’s really good to know, super good to know. Maybe that will help with my freezing feet.

I can't believe that you just said feet because they just showed me feet. I was looking at feet and I was looking at the skin of the feet. I wondering if the skin of the feet was healthy because I was just about to say, “Are you demonstrating symptoms of candida, by peeling skin on your feet?”

Yeah, they are peeling skin on my feet. I had no idea what that meant. I didn’t even think to ask you about that. It was just weird.

It’s a demonstration of candida and candida usually means too much sugar. I don’t think that you're a person who takes sugar. Are you having too much sweets?

I've been eating sweets lately just because I've been feeling crappy and I just … I don’t usually eat sugar and I have been eating a little bit of candy that I actually bought for someone else that I haven’t given them yet.

The best way to get rid of candida is to eliminate sugar altogether. Green tea is a nice way to not have candida.

I drink that every morning after my coffee. Absolutely.

Other than that, your health is at an 8.5 out of 10. These are tweaks.

I’d love to get to a 10. Can I get to a 10 by doing this?

No, they said if you wanted to get to a 10, you would need to run.

Are you kidding me?

They're not kidding you. They said go running.

What about my knees, people? I used to be a runner. I used to run 5 to 10 miles a day but …

In order for you to get your health at a 10, your body needs to make the gestures of running. If that’s too hard on your knees, you can do aqua running or you can do Zen running, which is having the body do they gestures of running but in a really low impact way. It looks as though you're walking at .1 miles an hour but you're doing the gestures of running.


You used to be runner?

Yeah. I do walk. I do walk a couple miles when I'm not doing Aikido. I don’t run just because …

Have you seen Zen running? Have you seen what it looks like?


It’s like slow motion, pretend running. As if someone’s filming you and you're pretending to run.


Looks weird.

I’ll take a look.

Your body loved running and when you're running, it was the healthiest that you have ever been, according to your angels, you were the healthiest than you have ever been in your entire life.

I did love running.

Did you love it? Good.

I did really love it. I got into a car accident and I couldn’t run anymore. Walking just did not give that endorphin lift that the running had.

You need to talk your body into believing that it’s running. It can release the endorphins.


Yeah. By running in slow motion.


That’s what a reading sounds like. Sounds like guessing with no background and then answers that are maybe 70% familiar and then 30% challenging.

Great. I love it. I wanted to end with you telling us a little bit about how we can get in touch with you if we want a reading or go to one of your seminars. I don’t know if you ever do any online or do them out of South Africa, but if people were listening in South Africa as well, could you tell us a little bit about how to get in touch with you and if people want to reconnect?

I am launching an online course but it will only come to fruition or come to publication in October 2016. It’s on a wonderful platform called Daily Om. It’s a great platform. That will come out next October. Even before then, I’ll probably do online courses. I'm working on the content right now. All of my stuff, my individual sessions, my seminars, my online material and my book are all available via my website,

Wonderful. Thank you so much for being our guest on how to leverage your glamability before a tv show even airs. This was entirely delightful. I love hearing about all of your experiences and I love of course getting my own reading, which was really fun too.

Cool. I think we should do it again when other interesting things crop up.

I can't wait. Thank you so much, Shannon.

Thank you.

We’ll talk to you soon.

About Shannon Walbran

Shannon Walbran, who is known as South Africa’s top psychic. Her main message is, “You are guided.” Even though she guides you and she loves to teach people how to get their messages themselves After travelling the world in her 20s and 30s, Shannon received a divine message while meditating in the Sinai Desert, which was, “Now, it’s time for you to help other people.” She gave up her career as a writer for a nonprofit and she quickly rose to the top of her field, helping over 20,000 clients directly since 2003.

What she does is she brings people instant, specific, personalized answers to their most pressing personal questions. She adds in details that nobody else knows. Currently, Shannon speaks to a radio listenership of about 8 million people and is the author of the book called Guided, which is available on Audible. She does corporate key note speaking, large group and individual consultations in person and by phone and Skype worldwide. Shannon’s website is


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