What happens when depression looms? Ideas for you

DepressionI hope this isn't true for you, but I used to be paralyzed by depression. For me, the Big D looked and sounded like a Tyrannosaurus Rex. When he stomped into my life, uninvited, he would immobilize me for weeks or months.

Now, I can hear the vibrations of the Big D's footsteps from miles away. I keep my eyes open for a few clues, like an earth scientist watching the machinery for signs of an earthquake, the little needle trembling towards the red line of danger.

My clues, which are odd and perhaps only particular to me, are: misspelling words I know / making frequent typos, craving the exact same food over and over again without variation, and pulling a cross face (last night, my child said, "Mommy, according to your face, you are really irritated." But I wasn't!)

Do you know your pre-disaster symptoms? Sometimes it helps to write them down.

I know what to do, and prevention is MUCH better than cure, for me. Here's a list that might give you some suggestions, too.

I will now, today: meditate, exercise (I already have, this morning), and make a gratitude list, stat! ?



PS You can book a session if you don't know your pre-disaster symptoms, or if you'd like to make a list of remedies for yourself. Your angels and Spirit Guides are really good at that!


(your mileage may vary!)

  1. Drink hot herbal tea (not coffee, not fizzy drinks)
  2. Wear soft clothes (nothing tight)
  3. Go back to bed, if practical
  4. Walk outside in the sunshine for at least 30 minutes
  5. Avoid social media for half a day
  6. Pray, ask for guidance
  7. Journal, get it out, vent (and then rip up that paper)
  8. Watch something really silly to make myself laugh out loud (cat video!)
  9. Hug, physical touch, hold hands with a loved one
  10. Clean the house, move things around, de-clutter and prepare a box for charity
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