Use magic questions to attain your goals. Here are 10 to get you started!

Magic Questions FacebookI used to use affirmations, like repeating, "I'm so healthy, I'm so healthy," but affirmations didn't really work, because my body would talk back to me like a sassy 13 year old: "You think you're so healthy? You ate chocolate for breakfast!" (Sigh. True.)

Then, I learned about another way - to frame the positive thinking in the form of a question instead of a statement.

Now, when I ask myself (either first thing when I wake up, or looking straight into my own eyes in the mirror, or whispering it as I head out for my morning walk): "Why am I so healthy?" my body actually responds much more positively: "Well, you did put in nearly 10,000 steps yesterday," and "I guess you ARE drinking almost 3 liters of water. Not bad, Shan!"

Finally my body and I are on the same team! Yay!

When I don't know the answer to the question, when I open myself up to the possibilities, I can even get fresh material that moves me further toward to my goal.

For example, when I recently asked myself, "Why am I financially free?" I heard, "Because I'm developing new books and meditations that people want and need." Well, it's been an idea bouncing around in my head, but it's not quite ripe yet. Apparently my higher self thinks it is!

Also, when I asked yesterday, "Why am I such a connecting and caring Mom?" I heard, "Because you stop what you're doing when your child asks for your attention." Oh, right. I do that. I guess it's working.

So there are four ways to use these magic questions:

a. Repeat them over and over again, whether you're getting answers or not. They still change your mindset and point you in the right direction, because they ARE positive questions. It's never, "Why am I not losing weight?" it's always, "Why am I at my ideal body weight?"

b. Journal about each question. Take one question, write it at the top of your paper, and answer it in as many ways as possible. Stretch your imagining muscle, make up wild and crazy answers, try to get to ten responses. This opens up new pathways.

c. Ask a loving friend. With someone you truly trust, who won't say something sarcastic or nasty, ask, "Why am I so successful at business?" and listen to her respond, "Because you deliver. Because you're on time. Because you believe in your product. Because you are clever. Because you re-invest your profits into people who can do the tasks you don't want to, freeing you up to meet and make contracts with new high-paying clients."

d. Notice the evidence. When you ask a magic question, your attention will immediately be drawn to the ways that it is true. This focuses you on the positivity happening in your life, and this is an upward cycle of goodness. When you believe it, you will see it.

OK, now you have the formula and four ways to use the magic questions. The bolded ones above have already given you five good examples, but here are five more:

(for relationships): Why am I so loving and caring?

(for time): Why is there enough time for everything I want to accomplish?

(for increased faith): Why am I a blessed and beloved child of my Creator?

(for prosperity): Why am I stewarding a holy surplus?

(for life): Why am I so lucky?! [say this one with happiness and delight!]

I'll be praying for you as you work these magic questions into your everyday experiences, and you start noticing more and more how loved and guided you are.



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