A Manifesting Story: how to use "Act As If" to make your dreams come true!

A Manifesting StoryWe've been talking about MANIFESTING a lot in my Seeker Sisters daily coaching group for high-vibration women, and I've found the best way to teach about manifesting is through stories - they're so inspiring!

Stories get me all fired up to "manifest," which means aligning with the Divine Intelligence, creating your own reality, then designing your present + future life so that it matches exactly what you want.

For example, the lesson "Act As If," which is often shared by manifestation teacher Mike Dooley, says that we should act as if we already have what we're dreaming of. Well, how does one actually do that?

Recently, I was standing in Dis-Chem, my nearest pharmacy, when I got a tingling feeling. Suddenly, I vividly remembered how much I have been wanting "my own TV show," for such a long time. I looked up, and there on the shelf was a teeth-whitening kit, on sale for only R200. One of my hang-ups about making this TV show dream come true had been that I believe my teeth are not white enough! I drink LOADS of hot chocolate and tea every day and my pearly whites were not so pearly. ?

I bought the kit. I went home and used it to whiten my teeth. My teeth got brighter. I also got my hair cut nice and short, because making my hair "nice for TV" is one of my other big challenges (see why I love radio so much??)

Fast-forward ONE week, and I'm dragging my friend and manifesting buddy Tepsii Tshikororo to the National Small Business Chamber expo at the Gallagher Convention Centre. We walk past a booth set up as a tv studio, run by MyBigStartup.co.za. I smile at the presenter, who happens to be a previous Miss South Africa runner-up named Ntsiki Mkhize, and whoosh, Ntsiki has put me in the interviewee's seat, and I'm on TV.

After Ntsiki interviewed me, I asked if they're doing ongoing programming, and when she said yes, I pitched them a show called "Your Business Angel." We agreed to film a pilot version, in which I give one minute of advice aimed at new entrepreneurs.

By the way, do you know of a sponsor for this show, "Your Business Angel," so we can put it on air? For example, if you work in HR, I would do live readings for all your employees to get them on track. Or for all the incubatees in a biz incubator. Or for all the women in a business women's organization. Think about it and email me with your ideas!

Back to manifesting: how can you apply this crazy teeth-to-TV story to your own life?

1. Act AS IF you already have the gig, the boyfriend, the money. I'm *not* saying to go into debt (I spent R200 on the teeth-whitening kit, not the R4,000 my dentist quoted me!). But use what you have to show the universe you are ready. Dress the part!

2. Seek out situations where the thing you want IS ALREADY HAPPENING. Get out of the house! Try new things, go to new places, and ask, "Who has what I want?" and "Where are they hanging out?"

3. Allow the steps you take to BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE so that you can ASK for the thing you want. Say what you're looking for. Practice saying it to a friend. Articulate it, spell it out.

4. Then wait on the Lord and see what actually takes place. None of this is fully in our hands. We are showing God that we are ready, and then we humbly see, through real life, what is best for us, in the light of divine grace. But by "wait," I don't mean "sit around and wait." Get *busy* waiting!

Do you have a manifesting "ACT AS IF" tale to tell? Email me or share it with me on Facebook or Twitter, I'll be so inspired to hear your story!!



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