How to Play a Quick Meditation Game, Just Like Golf

content_edewaa-foster-21157Have you tried meditation, but given up? Sometimes meditation can seem so serious! Let's make it into a game to see if that works better.

Golf. Why do so many high-powered executives play golf?

Because it takes soooo much concentration to put that little white ball into the hole, the player can think of nothing else.

How many things do we have to keep track of every day? Groceries, transport, politics, relationships, health, family - it's enough to drive us crazy!!

One Minute Meditation Game

Visualize your head. In the middle of your head, from your nose, through your skull, to the back of your head, there is a flat playing field, like a golf green.

In the middle of the golf green, there is a hole. It can have a pole and a flag, if you like.

Putt or roll a ball onto the green. Watch it circle around. Aim for the hole.

While you're doing this, keep your actual head very still. Breathe in through your nose calmly, to keep the head in one position. Try to make the ball go into the hole.

Maybe the ball goes straight in: hole in one! Or maybe it spirals around a few times, or zigs and zags. Watch the ball closely as it finds its way to the hole.

When the ball lands in the hole, you're finished. That's it! You've just meditated!


If you like the game and wish to play it again at another moment, benchmark how stressed you're feeling before you start and after you sink the putt. See if the number drops!

Meditation doesn't have to be serious, it doesn't have to take long, and we don't have to be "good" at it in order for it to work. Just like golf.



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