Whose Money Is It Anyway? How to re-frame "value" when you're stressed about money

content_chee-siong-teh-136240Feeling the pinch of inflation? Wondering how to pay your bills and make ends meet? You're not alone; "money" is in the top 10 questions I hear in every Spirit Guidance session.

I learned part of the answer to "the money question" at the grocery store the other day.

I was at the supermarket, and I had filled two grocery bags with food. I was proud of myself for shopping well. I had circled the outside of the supermarket, where all the fresh things are, and I'd spent very little time or money in the center of the store, where the packaged, more expensive, AND more heavily processed foods are (like, Doritos versus a red bell pepper. The pepper wins, right?)

Still, when the woman at the till announced the total, I gasped out loud. It was MUCH more than I was expecting to pay for two bags. Wow, prices have really shot up!

The cashier heard me gasp, and she stared right at me, raising her eyebrows. I stammered, "It's a lot for just -- this --" and I waved my hands at the food.

I instantly realized that as a professional person who earns a lot more than a supermarket worker, my complaint might not be falling on sympathetic ears. Who was I to complain, when on her meager salary she was probably supporting her entire extended family?

To my relief and surprise, she nodded in agreement, but her face was very serious. "And whose money is it?" she asked me. I didn't understand. She pointed to Heaven: "All the money belongs to Him. We just borrow it for a while."

Oh. I got it.

She was totally on the right track. I was way off target, and she had pulled me back into gratitude and surrender. I thanked her deeply for her wisdom, paid for the groceries, and humbly wheeled my trolley out of the shop.

Where does money come from? Where does "value" come from? Why is a kilogram of steak or an apple worth this many rands or this many dollars?

God is the Source of all things, all ideas, all transactions. If I remain ever grateful for my ability to buy food today, which many people cannot afford, I will be operating at the right vibration. Complaining gets me nowhere, and it keeps me out of the Flow.

I reflected as I was unpacking my groceries at home, money is universal energy. It belongs to everyone and needs to be exchanged for goods and services, or it goes stagnant.

It is not MY money to keep. It's God's. Money, if you keep it (hoard it, without multiplying or investing or sharing or moving it towards somebody else), goes bad, just like a loaf of bread gets moldy.

One of my divine callings is to help you find your flow of money, your alignment with what God wants you to do in this world, to feed your family, get out of debt, prosper, and be grateful for what you have while striving to do and be your best. If you'd like to work on your money issues, please reply to this email and schedule an appointment!

That's what I learned in the supermarket.



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