The Why's and How's of Vision Boards + 3 Tricks to Make Them Work

content_Vision-Board-babymakingmachineYou've probably heard of a vision board, a collection of pictures that help us obtain an ideal life, but do you have one up and running? Why should you try this technique, and how can you do it easily? And, what are some tricks to hurry up the process? ?

WHY create a vision board?

Our minds respond to visuals very quickly, and if we see things, even in pictures part of our minds believe that we already have them. Believing that we have them raises our awareness of how to get them, and we seize opportunities to make our dreams come true.

Here's a photo of one of my vision boards from a few years back. I had found an old canvas painted white. I started drawing with a black koki marker, tiny pictures of things I needed and wanted. As the objects came into my life, I would color them in so I could see my results and build my confidence.

The "why" of a vision board is to be specific with the Universe about what you want. The universe loves to be generous, AND it loves clarity.

HOW to make a vision board

The classic recipe for a vision board is to take a stack of magazines, rip out photos of things that appeal to you, and paste them onto a large sheet of paper, like this:

There are other ways to make a vision board, if you don't have magazines lying around:

  • change your screen on your phone or computer to a photo of the object/scene
  • draw or list the items on a piece of paper
  • open up a free Pinterest board and collect images; you can even make the board secret so only you can see it

3 Tricks to Make Your Vision Board Work Faster

  1. Be in a good mood when you look at it. Before you look at your vision board, which you should be doing every day, do a meditation, or dance, or sing, or give yourself a hug, or think ten positive affirmations about yourself: "I am a winner!" This allows you to connect with your wishes much better.
  2. Leap at any opportunities that look even a little bit like the items on your board. The car might not be the same color, the apartment building might not be brick, the flowers might not be red roses but yellow - go for it!
  3. When you receive or achieve any of the items, mark it on the board: with gold star stickers, or by coloring it in, or by writing notes on your Pinterest pins ("Achieved! August 2017! Congratulations to me!")

And now, a magical story about my own vision board and what happened:

I wanted to buy an apartment, as I knew I'd be living in Joburg for many years to come. I drew on my board the size of the flat, the price, and that it would have wooden floors and high ceilings.

Every day I'd look online, and I toured some flats to get a sense of the size and the safety - but the ones in the neighborhood where I was searching were almost double my price.

On Christmas Day, I was guided to buy the newspaper (which I never do). I opened to the classified ads, and there was an apartment listed, in a nearby neighborhood I would not have considered.

Since it was a holiday, nobody was working, so I drove over to the building and asked the guard if there was anybody living in that flat. He said, "No, so you can go look in the windows if you wish, because it's on the ground floor." So kind!

As soon as I saw it, I knew it was the one. High ceilings, wooden floors, great light, opening onto a garden, and right at my price! I left a message for the estate agent, and although it took months to get the bond, etc., I moved into that flat and have loved it ever since!

Would you like clarity on your path? Book a session to speak directly with your Spirit Guides, and ask them what to put on your vision board! Email me on to schedule your session.

Wishing you quick manifestation of everything on your vision board!



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