Change Your Passwords for PROGRESS!

change passwordsHave you ever thought about your passwords like this?

A password is a sequence you repeat in order to access your ACCOUNTS.

An affirmation is a phrase you repeat in order to access a new REALITY.

Add 1 + 1 and you get much more than 2! Change your passwords into affirmations to reflect the new reality you want access to!

Your typical passwords might be the same ones I used to: the name of your sports team, your child's birthday, your pet, or a nickname and a number, like this: Cutie99.

How can you bring the magic of reality creation into your daily life with passwords?

Example 1: What if you were working hard on completing your masters' degree, and you've set your timeline for one year? How about changing your password to MBA01?

Every time you type it, you'll remember to do your homework, study for your exams, or write your thesis.

Example 2: To unlock your phone usually takes a 4 or 6 digit number. What if you're dreaming of buying a home in the luxurious suburb of Sandton? Look up the postal code and use it as your password. 2196, here we come! We're moving in!

What magic will you create?

People have used their ideal weight, their salary increase, their new job title, or any other goal as their password.

Changing your password keeps your goal top of mind and part of your everyday reality.

My personal story

Last year, I changed my password to VIPgroup so that I could get organized to start a special group for very important clients - it worked! I managed to start the Seeker Sisters!

When you reach your goal (and I believe you can, if God wills it!), say THANK YOU and update to your next new goal.

A few recommendations:

  • Always state the goal in the positive: Weigh65 is better than Lose12
  • Make sure to keep your passwords safe, using LastPass (free) or another password tracking program/app
  • I like to phrase my affirmations as afformations, or questions: WhyTV3? Would mean, "Why do I have my own TV show on SABC3?" 🙂 We are pitching now, hold thumbs for us!!

Let me know as soon as your password helps you manifest your next goal!

Not too sure what to aim for? Schedule a session with me now by hitting reply on this email, or join the very affordable Seeker Sisters group for ongoing support: we talk about these kinds of questions in our secret Facebook group every day!

Wishing you big goals and quick accomplishments!



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