How to Cure Impatience - right now!

krista-mangulsone-53114Do you know the horrors of insomnia? I woke up with such an odd and disturbed feeling, in both my mind and my body. I was racked with impatience, from the moment I came to consciousness. I flip-flopped on my pillow like a fish out of water.

My mind filled up with worry, which as you know is the opposite of praying: "Why isn't that project working yet? Why don't I have my own TV show yet? Why am I still paying down my mortgage? Why am I not yet financially free? Why can't I do all the things I would like to do for my child? WHY?"

On my ankles, a familiar symptom was creeping up at the same time: a red, eczema-like set of itchy spots, just on the front of my lower legs where they meet the feet, where my socks would end (but I hadn't been wearing socks). It was SO itchy that I was tempted to rake my fingernails across it, but I'd done that before and it hurt!!

What did it all mean? How could I fix it?


Impatience has been a terrible mental habit of mine for many years, and now it's manifesting in my body. When a symptom goes from mind to body, that's a sign it needs to get taken care of FAST or it's going to get worse.

Even though the itching was flaming my skin, I ignored it and sank back into the pillow, closed my eyes, and prayed the Serenity Prayer. "Dear God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." Then I was quiet.

The message came in slowly.

Rash = Rush. "Shannon, you're in a rush."

OK, that is definitely true. So if I slow down, will the rash go away?

"Think backwards in time. Turn the clock back three years. Where were you?"

I can do this, I can remember. Three years ago, I had moved out of the emergency one-room cottage and into a studio flat in Killarney. It wasn't bad, it was in a great location, but it was tiny, and I wanted one room for myself and one room for my son, so that I could close the door and work while he slept.

My guides then showed me a short mental video clip of myself, waking up in a state of anxiety at 5 in the morning, in THAT flat in Killarney, asking the exact same kinds of questions, "Why aren't I on the radio more often? Why don't we have an apartment of our own? Why don't I have my coaching group for women set up yet?"

Oh. I see.

I have all those things now, exactly as I had wished for them, and much more: a home that I've bought (and am still paying off!), many radio shows (the latest is on Gagasi FM, a station I've been eyeing for ages!), and a coaching group for women (the Seeker Sisters, which brings me joy every day).

It's all about God's timing, not my timing.

I tuned into my ankles, and they weren't itching as much. I wasn't rushing any more, I was lying still, and that was OK. My anxiety dropped from a 10 to about a 6. I could breathe.

Things change. That's the deal with Life, it's always changing. The Buddhists call this "anicca," pronounced ah-NEE-chah. The impermanence of everything. The Christians say, "This too shall pass."

Now, when anxiety and impatience crop up again, or when I get the ITCH to RUSH, I will look backwards in time: ten years, twenty years, and I'll notice what I was wishing and praying and crying for then. Some things have come to fruition, some have not (thank goodness!!), and that's all a part of the bigger plan.

What are YOU waking up in the middle of the night about?

How can I help you get your answers? I'd like to bring you the serenity to know what you should strive for, and what you should release. Those are the biggest lessons I've learned, too.

In a personal call, we can tackle your ten toughest personal and professional questions, like:

  • Should I study further, and if so, what? Will I get a return on investment for studying?
  • Should I have another child? Would a baby satisfy my life's desires, or would it stop my journey to financial freedom?
  • How can I get out of my work-sleep-work-sleep rut?
  • How can I get back in touch with God and feel the divine intelligence working in my life?

These are some of the questions people have asked recently, and the answers brought us both to tears, laughter, and insight.

After the ten-question session, people say:

"NOW I know what to do. Wow, that really helped."

"Weight off my shoulders! I feel so much clearer and lighter!"

"OK, I have focus. Yes, all of these answers make sense."

The ten-question landline session is US $175 or R 1750. Book your session now by hitting reply to this email, and Charlotte the manager will help you choose your time and date!

I look forward to finding out what your angels want to say to you!

Wishing you patience and stamina on your journey!



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