Use Your Smartphone to Make Wishes Come True

henry-be-228194Have you been using affirmations and afformations lately, and are you seeing a difference? Say it and you'll believe it: "I AM worthy! I AM healthy and happy." Or, in a question form to avoid mental backchat: "Why am I so fulfilled in my marriage? Why am I such a loving parent?"These WORK.

But how can we remember to say them? Your smartphone has some tricks to help you!

1. Write out your affirmations in your phone, so you can read them when you're in-between things (instead of scrolling through social media and triggering jealousy!!). Google Keep is a great app for this, or Notes.

2. Activate text-to-speech, select your affirmations, and have your phone READ them out loud to you. Preferably in a very attractive voice (mine is set to a male voice I call Mr. Handsome).

3. Wearing headphones, play the voice before you fall asleep!

Other Affirmation Ideas

  • Find new and interesting affirmation statements, and set them as your screensaver/wallpaper on your phone.
  • Text them to friends who need a boost - get a Whatsapp group going where you send only uplifting memes to each other!
  • Would you like me to design affirmations personally for you? I can do that in a 10-question call - just hit reply and we can schedule your session.

Do These Things Actually Work??

You might have read an article I sent out two weeks ago, "Change Your Passwords for Progress." Here's a reply I received from a client who tried that strategy:

"Dear Shannon,

Last year I applied for admission to study Operations management at NMMU and the application was unsuccessful.

This year after upgrading just one subject I applied again and I changed my password last week after receiving your email about passwords. I was so happy when last week Friday I received an SMS that my application is successful .

I'm also busy with my ECSA registration and I changed my Facebook password as well, it is working because whenever I login to Facebook to waste time I am reminded that I should be finishing my report. And I am always thinking of new ideas of what to add on my report.

Before my maternity leave, I went for an interview and the company said I must finish my leave first but agreed to send an offer in the meantime. Now I am panicking, but I am changing my password to validate my permanent post.

Thanks for your help. Stay blessed and guided!"

Why Do Affirmations and Afformations Work?

Because we only accept what we believe.

Have you ever been in a relationship where you thought, "This person is too good for me?" What happened then, eh?

Have you been in a relationship where you thought, "This is going to end badly." What happened next?

Change your beliefs.

Do you know people who are SO negative, they are difficult to be around? Whew, think what it's like to be inside their minds! Yikes, no thanks!

So if we have any of that negativity still stuck inside of us: naysaying, wet blanket, discouraging, hopeless - it's going to be harder for us to accept and receive and KEEP the good things the kind and benevolent Universe wants to give us.

Let's Find Out What the Universe Wants to Give YOU!

What DOES the Universe want to give you? What should you strive for, and what should you drop? Let's find out from your angels in a 10-question personal landline session. Hit reply and we'll book you in.

In a personal call, we answer your ten toughest personal and professional questions, like:

  • Should I study further, and if so, what? Will I get a return on investment for studying?
  • Should I have another child? Would a baby satisfy my life's desires, or would it stop my journey to financial freedom?
  • How can I get out of my work-sleep-work-sleep rut?
  • How can I get back in touch with God and feel the divine intelligence working in my life?

These are some of the questions people have asked recently, and the answers brought us both to tears, laughter, and insight.

After the ten-question session, people say:

"NOW I know what to do. Wow, that really helped."

"Weight off my shoulders! I feel so much clearer and lighter!"

"OK, I have focus. Yes, all of these answers make sense."

The ten-question landline session is US $175 or R 1750. Book your session now by hitting reply to this email, and Charlotte the manager will help you choose your time and date!

I look forward to finding out what your angels want to say to you!

Wishing you new beliefs and magnetic attraction for all the good things!



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