How to Use the ❤️ Language "Gifts" for Success!

ben-white-170529When we speak the language of the person we love, he or she can understand us better and trust us more than if we just speak our own language.

If we can explain ourselves in their language, it's more likely that we'll seal the deal!

We know this especially in South Africa, where we have 11 official languages! But what about the love languages? According to author Gary Chapman, there are 5: touch, talk, service, gifts, and time.

Today we'll be talking about the love language of GIFTS and how you can use it to hook your customer (whether your "customer" is a paying client, your husband, or your child - everyone's a 'customer' at some point, and we could be 'selling' a car, an idea, or bedtime!)

First, how can you tell if your customer's love language is GIFTS?

1. Does she speak about brands and prices? Some kids will make a birthday list that looks like this: "Nintendo 2DS, available at Game, R4,567. Blue." He cares about the make and the model! Clue: love language of gifts!

2. Does he ask about 'what comes bundled with that package?" Example: you're planning a holiday with your mother, and she finds out the hours of the pool, the distance from the town, how much room service is. Details - a sign of the GIFTS love language!

3. The word "bonuses." Questions like, "Is there anything extra?" or "Do I get a prize for brushing my teeth?" are indications this person speaks the language of gifts!

Now that you know their love language is gifts, how can you speak it properly?

Compliment her on her taste. Never put down her choices for fancy things, but always remark on what great choices she's made. "New jacket? Lovely!" or "Wow, what a great car, you keep it in such good condition!"

Offer him a discount. In business, this might mean "buy one get one free." At home, this would be bargaining, "If you pick up your clothes, you get a half-hour more of screen time." Gifters love a good deal!!

Give a gift! This might seem obvious, but there's a catch: the gift has to exactly match the specs of your customer, as closely as possible. Pay attention to colors and styles, and don't go off-track from their current look or trend. If they like purple leather, buy purple leather!

How does speaking my customer's love language help me succeed?

Two quick stories: a fail, and then a win:


I hadn't been long in South Africa, and I was living with a boyfriend. I went to Woolworths and bought him a beautiful (and expensive!) wool sweater, which is just the kind of thing I would have liked.

However, I bought the sweater in grey, which is one of my favorite neutral colors, ignoring the fact that his closet is full of green. He opened the present, squinted at it, and asked if he could return it, because "Grey sweaters remind me of school uniforms, sorry!"

OH! Lesson learned.

Don't give people things just because YOU like them, give them what THEY want.


In my Seeker Sisters women's coaching group, I pay close attention to what each member is going through, and I choose "gifts" based on her ongoing challenges. The gift can be a poem or a prayer, it doesn't have to be expensive. Value over price!

For example, one of the Seeker Sisters is traditionally Catholic, and I always look for stories of saints or pictures of the Virgin Mary holding a baby Jesus. Whenever I post those in our secret Facebook group where I give answers, she "likes" the posts and tells me so.

Lesson: My client feels loved and respected when I "speak her language" of images and tradition.

Would you like to watch a video version of this teaching?

I'm doing a series called Your Business Angel for a cool tv channel called, aimed at helping entrepreneurs. Click through to see me (dressed up in wings!) going through the lesson about the love language of gifts, for business.

Click here for the video version!

Do you know what YOUR love language is? Maybe you don't, and that's why you've been feeling so lost and lonely!

When we don't know our love languages, we feel like we're running on an "empty love tank." So says Gary Chapman, the author of the love languages books.

We feel like we're giving and giving but never receiving love. Painful!

Would you like to ask your angels about your love language? And the love languages of your spouse, children, and boss?

Hit reply and we'll book you in for a session.

In a personal call, we can answer your love languages question and more!

  • "How can I increase my income?"
  • "Should I start a small business?"
  • "How can I make more friends?"

You get TEN questions in each session, with detailed follow-ups. Your angels know who you are! They want you to have the best life possible!

After the ten-question session, people say:

"NOW I know what to do. Wow, that really helped."

"Weight off my shoulders! I feel so much clearer and lighter!"

"OK, I have focus. Yes, all of these answers make sense."

The ten-question landline session is US $175 or R 1750. Book your session now by hitting reply to this email, and Charlotte the manager will help you choose your time and date!

Recently, a client named Liz had a 10-question session, and this is what she wrote to us afterwards:

My experience with Shannon was so uplifting and informative. I felt truly buoyed after my talk with her. She is so down to earth and thoughtful in her manner and approach; I felt as though I were speaking to a kind friend.

A few of my questions were ones where I intuitively already knew the answer, but Shannon was able to provide strong validation and was spot on, without having any background story or information. For other questions I truly was not sure, and she had so much insight, all of which made sense and felt relevant to me and my experience.

I recommend to anyone thinking about having a call with Shannon to take time to watch or listen to her in action, and to read through the sample questions on her website and carefully prepare the questions you want to ask, being careful not to talk too much or over complicate things.

Your angels know you and all you need to do is ask the simple straightforward question and let your angels and Shannon do the rest. It is truly magical and divine. The best part was leaving my phone call with a stronger sense of the presence of angels at my side, always at the ready. Thank you Shannon!

I look forward to finding out what your angels want to say to you!

Wishing you fluency in all of the love languages and success in your life!



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