A Short Story of Messages and Miracles. And Pizza.❤️

pizzaHere's a story of how my gift works while I'm on radio.

I was hosted by Pabi Moloi on PowerFM 98.7, and we were taking callers who were asking their angels questions, as usual. I was providing answers as fast as I could. The producer Refiloe said she logged 1,054 calls in the hour, a new personal record!

I'm busy scribbling down names and drawing what comes into my mind, sometimes even before Pabi picks up the line.

I draw a big circle and write "Pizza" in the middle of it. I show it to Pabi, who smiles - she gets it by now, she knows it's part of the magic we're doing.

The next caller asks, "Should I stay in my relationship or leave?" and the messages flood me, so I speak quickly, "This relationship isn't good for you any more, but that's not the main thing to tell you - you need to buy a pizza franchise, like Dominos'."

The caller screams.

I mean she SCREAMS, so loudly I pull off my headphones. Pabi and I look at each other, eyes wide open. Is the caller OK? We speak to her, calling her name. She comes back on the line.

"It's just that... it's just that ... I work at Domino's Pizza."

Smiles. Relief.

"OK, you're supposed to OWN one, so focus on your success and your future, and build it up. You can do it. Don't let anything hold you back, including relationships."

1. #YouAreGuided all the time.
2. Messages come before we even ask the questions, so to me that means we have angels who know and care.
3. I really like this story.  It was true, helpful, and funny.

If you'd like to find out what your angels are telling YOU, book a session by emailing info@shannonwalbran.com 

Please see the link to the podcast of my show with Pabi:


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