How the love language of SERVICE serves you SUCCESS

daryn-bartlett-58483The love language of SERVICE is my favorite of the 5 (time, talk, gifts, service, and touch) because it's the one I like to receive the best.

Also, as you'll see in the description below, a person who speaks the love language of SERVICE is always full of advice for other people on how they should run their lives. And that's what I do for a living! Give advice!

The vast benefit of speaking the love language of your customer is that she will understand you faster and trust you more. That's true whether your "customer" is your partner, your child, or your next-door neighbor.

Watch the video here or keep reading to learn more about how the love language of SERVICE will serve you!

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I'll bet you know someone who always complains about service delivery: "My taxi took the wrong directions!" or "There were no tellers at the bank today!"
Another clue if she always has big ideas about how to run somebody else's business. "You know what he should do... You know what would work better..."
As soon as you hear words like these from your customer, that’s your clue!

Her love language is SERVICE!

Once you know her language, how can you speak her language so that she trusts you?
3 Things You Can Do

1. Ask for feedback

Even if this customer complains a lot, ask her for her input, and be sure to say, "Thank you!"

2. Implement the changes

If she cares enough to tell you her ideas, take her suggestions!

Put more staff people on the sales floor, or offer your products in more sizes. Why not? She's the customer, she knows what she wants!

3. Report back

Get in touch with your customer, tell her that you have indeed implemented her suggestions, and tell her which ideas are working. Let her know she has made a huge difference in your business.

One Don't and One Do

DON'T get defensive and deny that there's any issue

DO maturely accept that there's always room for improvement

When you speak the love language of SERVICE, you can turn your worst enemy into your most loyal client!

Blessings from Your Business Angel!

- * - * - * -

Today's video on Using the Love Language of SERVICE is of course aimed at entrepreneurs, but you can certainly use this love language at home, too:

Do you recognize these loving questions?

  • Can I do you a favor?
  • Do you need anything else before you go to bed?
  • Have you finished your homework? Do you need me to look it over?

or how about these actions, even if there are no words attached?

  • Setting his keys and his phone next to the front door
  • Packing her a lunch
  • Showing up at the train station to walk her home safely
  • Making sure the doors and windows are locked

When somebody feels loved in the way she WANTS to be loved, she'll trust you more.

photo by Daryn Barlett | Unsplash

She's more likely to confide in you, tell you the truth, and build a long-lasting relationship with you.

Here's the punchline:

If you speak the love language of SERVICE, are you speaking it to YOURSELF also?

Do you organize your life so that it runs smoothly? Is your diary filled out, did you pack yourself a lunch?

We can speak the languages of love to ourselves as well. They work internally as well as externally. In fact, that's the main job, isn't it?

To show ourselves we are lovable and worthy, just because we are children of God, without waiting on somebody else to prove it to us.

And now, a happy success story!

A car hooted at me on the street, and a woman rolled down her window. A man was sitting next to her, driving the car. They pulled over to talk to me.

"Shannon! I spoke with you in 2007, and you said I would get back together with my boyfriend, and we could have two children together. I did it! We did it! Here he is, meet him!"

I laughed and laughed, and I greeted the very nice man driving the car. He smiled and waved, obviously used to his wife's delightful enthusiasm. She continued, "We have two children, they are soooo beautiful. Want to see photos?" She pulled out her phone and showed me.

We hugged, and I wished them well.

A divine guidance session is *not* fortune-telling. She could have chosen not to re-unite with her ex (they'd split for 3 years!) but she took the advice and ran with it, and now she's happier than she's ever been in her life.

Wishing you service to yourself and others, a feeling of being deeply loved and guided, and blessings in your everyday life!



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