How to Find Mauritius in your Backyard

Do you spend just a teensy, tiny, little bit of your free time Googling random things, like I do? ?

What are the last 5 things that you've googled?

And what might that tell you about your soul?

Your soul lives inside your human body, and it wants the best for you.

Your soul wants you to have beautiful, amazing, deep experiences.

Your soul wants you to feel things, see things, and know things about yourself and others.

I caught myself procrastinating yesterday by googling "cruise ships to Mauritius." That led me to more than an hour of comparing prices, dates, and itineraries on a trip I am probably NOT going to take any time this year!!

So I got real with myself: why do I want a cruise to Mauritius?

1. I want to put my feet up.

2. I want to lie in a hammock.

3. I want to read a novel and not be interrupted.

Just then I looked out my window into the little gravel-covered patio next to my house. It's where we hang up the washing to dry.

Then I remembered I had an old hammock. Then I remembered I have a novel from the library.

Fifteen minutes later, and for much cheaper than a holiday to Mauritius, I was swinging and reading in the small patch of sunshine that autumn in Johannesburg sometimes generously gifts us with.

I realized:

I hadn't given myself permission to take a break.

I needed to justify taking a break by making a big deal out of it, spending money, and taking time off.

If I could instagram it, it would be real. HA!

Then I fell apart laughing. Why so much effort to do something so simple?

The blue hammock in the gravel laundry yard ? Perhaps not Instagram-worthy, but it still felt like Mauritius to me. ?

What does YOUR SOUL ask for? Well, what do you obsess about? What are you constantly googling?

If it's a new car, and you're totally into the prices and styles and features of a new Mercedes - why?

Is it to feel proud of yourself? Is it to believe you've reached a certain level? Is it to impress your parents or your neighbors? What can you shift about the way you see yourself, so that you don't need to look through other people's eyes?

Maybe then, you can buy new sunglasses and still feel awesome, instead of going into ten years of debt!

? ✅ versus ? ?

If it's a new house, and you're reading decor blogs and scoping out velvet sofas - why?

Is it to have people over and wow them? Is it to make your place look gorgeous? How could you possibly beautify your space and connect with other people, even today?

What if you had a braai and invited people over for a dance party, with your home just as it is right now, and you laughed yourself silly? Wouldn't that be more memorable than perching carefully on the new couch, afraid to spill something on it?

?✅ versus ? ? ?

Here's what I've learned:

Beneath each complaint about our current lives . . .

Beneath each wish . . .

Beneath each prayer . . .

And beneath each google search . . .

... is a dream waiting to be activated.

We CAN activate the dream now, even without big money, if we get to the why of the dream.

If you'd like to figure this out, to dig to the heart of the matter, book a session with your guides and angels.

? Your angels know. They know what you TRULY want.

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