"Everything is Love, or a Cry for Love" ? What I learned from 2 emails I got on the same night.

How is a Psychic like a Blogging Chef?

If you've ever looked up a recipe online, you might have found one by a celebrity chef like Nigella Lawson or Jamie Oliver.

They list the ingredients and give you the processes.

Sometimes there's a video, or you could watch their show on The Cooking Channel or on youtube.

In my case, when I've tried these recipes at home, sometimes they work and sometimes they don't - and it's usually because I swap out ingredients in order to suit my diet, like I'll use rice flour instead of wheat flour, to avoid the gluten. This makes the resulting dish ... different. But usually still OK!

Now, how is a psychic like a blogging chef?

Well, I give you lots of recipes, whether I'm talking to you on this newsletter, in our free Psychic School Facebook group, or even in a one-to-one session. But you're the one who has to eventually cook the food, right?

If your Guides say, "Meditate every day for at least ten minutes, try the free Insight Timer smartphone app." But you do it on your own, with no sound-prompt from the app (I love the "fire" sound effect when it's chilly outside!) you might get a different result. Or you might not be able to focus, and you might quit meditating altogether.

I can't do it FOR you, you need to do it yourself. That's the point. But with really good recipes, and demonstrations, and information, and practice, and trial-and-error, and documenting your efforts (through journalling) and with support from a community, you CAN do it. That's also the point!!

What do you think? Can you follow a recipe, or do you always improvise - and does it turn out better or worse?

Love or a Cry for Love?

You might have heard the phrase: "Everything is either love, or a cry for love."

I experienced this recently, when I sent out a newsletter to you and the rest of my email list. It was the one about Louise Hay's book "You Can Heal Your Life," and how much it had meant to me when I was starting out as a psychic. Affirmations turned my life around!

In the email, I included a link to buy the book from South Africa's version of Amazon, which is called Loot.

Within a few hours, I had received two responses with polar opposite responses.

The first one was from a guy (I blocked out his name) who was absolutely furious. His email was one line: "F@%* u. U only want money will never help out of your own."

"Kind regards?" LOL.

Wow. I was so taken aback! In the email, I had written a story about how to apply affirmations for free, how to google affirmations that might help you, and my strategy for using them. And he didn't have to buy the book, it was just a suggestion.

My defensiveness kicked in: I do monthly free call-in radio shows, and some free or low-cost live reading events per year. On the other hand, I charge very good money for what I do, because I bring awesome value to my clients. But I was still shocked by his language. (Did you notice that his automatic sign-off was "Kind regards?" Ha! ?)

The second email, which arrived a few hours later and came from a female follower called Eve (I asked her if I could use her name), read like this:

Notice any difference in the tone or the content between the two emails? ?

"Thank you for your mail that I am fortunate to receive. I really appreciate them very much. I would LOVE to come to you for a reading. When I am earning an income again, I will definitely make an appointment with Charlotte [my assistant] for one. I love your dynamism. I can see that you love what you do. You are so refreshing as well as motivating. You ooze positivity. Keep up your amazing work..."

Aha. Now I was getting the lesson. Both of these people must be hurting for cash, or unemployed, or otherwise unable to afford a session at this time.

The first one was angry about it and decided to blame ME for his troubles. I wouldn't give him what he wanted, for free.

The second one THANKED me for the email and the information and said she *looked forward* to working with me in future.

So, the first letter was a cry for love, and the second one was love itself.

I'm sure there will be people suggest I put up better boundaries or attract ONLY the right clients who are ready to work with me, and who can afford to. But I see that I'm still learning a LOT about people.

Ah, human nature - do we blame others and stay in victim mode, or are we grateful for what we can learn "for free" and work with what we've got?

So, these are my stories for today. Hope this helps you to *not* take on the frustrations of a stuck client, friend, or family member. And to believe in yourself, your value, your prices, and your offerings.

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