Divine Messages from the Pavement with 8 examples and lots of photos!

"Find a penny, pick it up, and all the day you'll have good luck."

We said this as kids in America. Did you? To my surprise, I learned from psychics in my Shannon Walbran Psychic School that pennies in South Africa are purposefully NOT picked up because they are seen as bad luck. Wow, cultural differences abound!

Today I'd like to show you some photos of things I've found on the street. Sure, you can see pigeons or maybe a rat, or an old tin can, but that's not what I'm going for here. MEANINGFUL things meet the following criteria:

    • They are unusual. You don't see them everyday.
    • They attract your attention; they are shiny or pretty or big or colorful.
    • They relate to a problem you're trying to solve. They answer a question.

Now here are some photos of things I've found, plus short stories with details about what I was going through at the time and how this message added to my understanding. Maybe you'll find similar objects as you develop your own dialogue with your Guides!

1. White feather

The white feather is a classic message from angels and Spirit Guides to say, "We see you. We are with you. Fear not."

The day I took this photo, I was walking in Johannesburg. I was feeling tense and worried about crime, and I was wondering if I should even be out and about at all. Then I saw the white feather directly on my path, and I felt relieved. I made it home safely, and I continue to walk in my neighborhood because it gives me lots of joy. I am much less fearful now.

2. Gold glitter sticker

I picked up this sticker, which is VERY sparkly in real life, and I felt as though I had picked up an actual bar of gold. This was a message to me from my Spirit Guides, saying, "The money issue you are facing is temporary. We are paying you in real currency, spiritual currency." True: I was able to resolve the situation with much less fuss that I had anticipated, *and* that week I got new clients from Australia and Asia. Yay!

3. Number One

This is basically just a piece of plastic, broken off of something else. But when I picked it up and turned it around in my hand, it looked like the number one.

I was thinking about my priorities. Am I making God number one in my life, or am I living only in a material world?

This sign showed me that everything points to God, if I just open my eyes to see that.

4. Angel sticker

My shoe is the red-and-white striped thing in the left side of the photo, in case you're wondering. I put my foot in to show you how big the angel sticker was.

I saw this sticker just after I had been in conversation about how angels interact with us every day, in unexpected ways. Angels are with us 24/7. They don't get tired. WE are their job, they signed up for this. That's reassuring, isn't it?

5. Green construction tape

You might not see this one as I saw it, but that's ok. Our guides and angels create symbols and signs that are just for us. Maybe the color yellow means "happiness" to you but "warning" to me. That's why dream dictionaries don't work very well, because everyone's signs are different.

In this case, as you can see from my tiny red Converse-covered foot in the lower edge of the photo, I was walking along past a construction site, and I saw this green plastic tape. It might have held a bunch of bricks together?

It was sprawled out on the ground. Not a circle shape, but rather ... a 4-leaf clover!

My ancestors are mainly Irish, and a 4-leaf clover is our sign for "good luck." I'll take it!

6. Evil eye sign

This was spray-painted on the ground. Maybe it means something to the City of Johannesburg, such as "water pipe here," but I don't know what it symbolizes to them. For ME, it's clearly a version of the Turkish "evil eye protection" symbol. This means, "Be careful of bragging today or showing off, because you will cause other people to be envious of you. Today is a day to be modest and quiet." Ahem, that's a little hard for me, but I did my best!

7. Red pompom flower duo

Why is this a double photo?

The one on the left, I found in Joburg, and I felt compelled to pick it up, even though it's just a small red pom-pom made of wool. It felt like a flower, or maybe a flower bud. I photographed it, as I usually do, to keep track of my treasures, signs, and messages. But I didn't understand what it meant.

Several weeks later, I traveled to Istanbul, Turkey, for my first time visiting that fascinating country. There, on the street, I found a full-blooming flower, same shade of red, approximately the same size. Ahh. Now I got it. My Guides plant seeds in my imagination (I should go to Turkey!) I put them into action with divine assistance, and when I get there, the idea has come into full blossom.

Message: always follow my intuitive guidance!

8. Diamonds

Ah, diamonds on the soles of my shoes. I stepped on this little fragment of a "diamond" rhinestone bracelet and then picked it up, knowing and feeling that my Guides were "rewarding" me with symbolic diamonds for a particularly good radio show I had just done.

So, what does it all mean?

The technical word for this practice is Apantomancy. As Wikipedia says, "Apantomancy is a form of divination using articles at hand or things that present themselves by chance."

And now for the next steps:

What should you do if you see one of these Messages from the Pavement?

1. If the thing is small, free, available, and not dangerous/sharp, pick it up.

2. Bring it home and put it in a special place: on a bookshelf, in your top drawer, or near your candles/incense.

3. If it's too big/heavy, take a photo of it. Post it to Instagram and write a story about it. Share it in the Shannon Walbran Psychic School.

4. Journal about it. Does it solve your problem? Or does it perhaps just say, "Yes, we know you are going through something, and we are with you?" That's supportive, too.

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