How to Use Scripture to Discern God's Plan for Your Life

Need an angel answer right now? Try bibliomancy.

Bibliomancy means using the written word to help you discern God's directions for your life.

1. Write a question about your life down on a piece of paper. Focus on it. "Should we find another school for our child?" "Is it the right time to move house?" "How can I survive another week at this job?"

2. Then close your eyes and pray. Ask to be guided and to hear God's word.

3. Please pick up a good book. It can be Holy Scriptures of whichever religion you practice, or it can be a good healing or self-help book, or even a good novel.

4. With your eyes still closed, open the book to a random page and put your finger down. Read the word your finger is touching.

5. Read the whole sentence of that word, to get the context.

6. Write down the word, and then the sentence.

See how it answers or helps you with the question.

If it's clear, great. If it's not clear, also great!

Our flexible minds will try all day to make a connection between the question and the answer.

To help you in this practice, let's look at a bibliomancy "don't" and a bibliomancy "do."

First the don't, as shared in my free Facebook group "Shannon Walbran Facebook School."

Can anyone spot why this question received this response? (The orange box is the client's name, I blanked it out):

So, follow-up pointers: only ask about yourself, and as a "how" or "should" type question, not a "when will this occur?" question.

And now the Bibliomancy DO, also from our Facebook group:

Ngabisile Dlomo writes that her question was "Is it the right time for me to get married?"

So, do try the Bibliomancy technique, being careful and respectful with the process! Always remember, #YouAreGuided.

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