Is your third eye too wide open? Here's how to fix it!

How do you know if your third eye is too far open?

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The third eye, located between your eyebrows, is the chakra (energy portal) with which you can see the invisible. It's supposed to be helpful.

Here are a few stories for you to read and compare notes with. Does this sound like you at all?

All details have been changed to keep these cases perfectly anonymous. If you think one of these stories is about you, it is not!

1. Worries in the Night

I was tossing and turning, and suddenly I realized I was "doing readings" for people as I tried to fall asleep. I was getting messages for people I had worked with previously.

The weird part was, the messages were not that important. They were additional details that would not have made a difference to the original messages.

For example, the main message to the client's question, "What should I do about my partner's spirituality, which is different from mine?" had been:

"Please respect her beliefs and don't try to change her. She is entitled to perceive The Universe as she wishes. And so are you. Spirituality is a private, personal thing, and it's OK to have different practices. Please respect and encourage her practices, give her space for them. Take time and space for your own, and *maintain your boundaries* around yours. The phrase to use is, This works for me."

And now, in the night, I was getting, "In fact, you could attend services with her, and you can meditate while she prays." and "Why not make a bigger deal out of Easter and Christmas? It wouldn't kill you to do so."

But you know what? He was going to figure that out on his own, in his own time.

So this was proof that my third eye was way too open and still picking up signals from a broadcast earlier in the day, for no good reason!

The fix:

I lay on my back, and I placed my hand across my forehead. I prayed, and I sent good thoughts toward that couple, and then I asked to be completely disconnected from my client (yes, I had already washed my hands after the session and said my prayer, but maybe I got distracted while doing so!)

After that prayer and the hands-on healing, I was able to calm down and go to sleep, and I didn't think about their situation again.

2. Tripping Out

I got a call from a friend who is a therapist, and she wanted some advice on a client (again, all details have been changed). This client was having super-psychedelic visions and exaggerated sense reactions to everything around him, and he was freaking out about it.

I gave him this advice: the client, who was not a religious person, should start saying this prayer from Judaism. The prayer is to thank God for organs and sphincters (therefore, also chakras) in the body being opened and closed in proper measure. Only God can perfectly calibrate our openings.

In the client's case, his third eye (and probably other chakras, too) was WAY too far open, so yes, he was experiencing "oneness with the universe" and other trippy things, but that's not practical, is it?

The fix:

Here's the prayer. It's used after you go to the bathroom, to thank God for the miraculous way God created the body and how well it works. God is called HaShem, which means "The Name":

Blessed are You, HaShem, Our God, King of the universe, Who created the human with wisdom and created within him/her many openings and many spaces. It is obvious and known before Your Throne of Glory, that if even one of these openings were to be ruptured or one of them were to be blocked, it would be impossible to survive and to stand before You for even one hour. Blessed are You, HaShem, the physician of all flesh who acts wondrously.

The name of this prayer is "Asher Yatzar" and it is always a good idea to thank God for our health, and for our body's functioning, even if you don't use these exact words!

3. Seeing Things

Clairvoyance, or "clear seeing," is a psychic gift, and it's one that we do want to develop.

However, it's a tricky one. Am I imagining things or not?

People sometimes ask me about seeing shadows, or something like a "mouse in the house," out of the corner of their eye. Are those ghosts, or spirits?

One piece of advice that comes through for them often is that they are short on Vitamin B.

The fix:

I ask them to take a multi B with all the Bs to see if that decreases their "mouse in the house" symptom.

Once that vitamin deficiency has been resolved (usually within two weeks, sometimes in three days), we can look for other ways to develop clairvoyance and what it might look like:

        • shimmering energy
        • faces in trees or clouds
        • words or phrases on a billboard
        • people's faces morphing and shape-shifting to reveal some truth about their inner selves

Working with the third eye means being able to turn this ability on and off, so if you're "seeing things" do a few checks:

  • Are you ok?
  • Do you feel scared or worried?
  • Do the images make sense and help you?

If not, turn it off by saying the prayer above, putting your hand on your forehead, taking a nap, and doing things in real life (IRL) and not watching a movie or hanging out on the internet. Rather garden, cook, shine your shoes, or do something physical!

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