Free Template: How to Journal 1 Page Per Day for Success

Today I'd like to teach you a quick and effective way to journal only one page per day for success and serenity.

I've been practicing this technique for two months, and now I can't go a day without it! Journaling makes me feel so good!

In fact, when I find I'm getting grumpy, it's because I haven't yet sat down to write!

My feelings and ideas want to come out, and since I'm using this kind of journaling, I've created a channel for them to pour through, but without me taking any strain.

The best way to remember the technique is with the word GLAD.

The whole GLAD journaling currently takes me fewer than 15 minutes these days (at the start it took me about 30). When I'm finished, I feel fresh and ready to face the world, or when I journal at the end of the day, I feel ready to lie down and have a great night's rest.

1. Take a sheet of notebook paper and draw a big line right down the middle, top to bottom.

2. Go down 10 lines. Draw another line, right across the middle, from left to right.

3. You have four sections. Number each one from 1-10.

Since each section is only halfway across the page, you'll just be writing short bursts and phrases. That's great! So easy! Now let's start writing:


In the first section, write "I am grateful..." and then fill in the 1 to 10 as fast as you can.

You've heard everyone, including Oprah, tell you to write down ten things you're grateful for every day. Yes, I agree.

But there's no need to write a whole novel. Jot down ten little things you're grateful for, and that's it. The quicker the better.

And if tomorrow you write down a few of the same things, out of ten, go ahead and do it!

Part of the GLAD process is to see how your mind repeats itself, what its patterns are. What am I truly grateful for? And, as I do this every day, what might I missing?


What do I love myself for?

My sense of humor, my determination, my writing skills, my ability to meet strangers easily...

Write down ten things you love about yourself.

You can love yourself for your physical attributes, like your beautiful hair or your gorgeous eyes.

You can love yourself for your abilities: I can read, I can sing, I can program.

You can love yourself for your inherent qualities: your kindness, your generosity - even for things that you're still developing, such as your success and serenity.


These can be from yesterday, such as, "I went running!"

Or the achievements can come from further back: "I'm proud of myself for having children."

Listing what we are proud of ourselves for, on a daily basis, is very empowering!

Write down ten things you've accomplished, big and small, recent or distant.

D is for DOING my goals

Are you GLAD we're at the last list of ten? We've come to what we are DOING in life.

Instead of making a grocery shopping to-do list, stretch yourself to name some bigger goals and dreams:

I am finishing my degree.

I am filling up my retirement account.

I own the house of my dreams.

I am totally debt free.

I am happily married.

Write them in the present tense as if they already exist: "I am," rather than I will.

Again, whip out ten DOINGS as fast as you can, reasonably.

Bonus Free Writing

On a regular lined sheet of notebook paper, you'll have a few lines left over, maybe seven or eight. If you have time, do some free writing based on what you've noticed.

I see that my dreams are getting bigger, and I see that I'm grateful for my health more than I used to be ...

And always give yourself a pep talk:

I believe in myself.

I can do this.

I've got what it takes.

If you don't speak well of yourself, who will?

Here's what one of my completed GLAD pages looks like:

And here is a free GLAD template that I created for you to print out and use!

What Are the Results of the GLAD Experiment?

Try it for a week and see how you feel. You should notice:

a) it's quick and easy

b) you can only do it "right," there are no wrong answers

c) you might start to walk a little taller and feel a little better about yourself

d) what's important to you, based on your mental patterns

We know that journaling clears the mind - gratitude, self-love, and pride in your achievements also pave the way for the big dreams in the Doing section to come true.

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