How to Expand What You Manifest

Did you know you can't wish for something or manifest it, unless you've heard of it?

Take a concrete example: before I knew there was such a thing as a Tiny House, all I wished for was affordable rent, a cosy, safe place to stay, eco-friendly and minimalist, and yes, could it please help me travel more?

But I thought that was probably an impossible combination.

Then I started seeing pictures of Tiny Houses, and I realized, "Hey, that's it! Now I know what to manifest?"

In 2020 during lockdown, I ended up moving into a tiny house in a tiny town in the middle of a tiny village in the Klein Karoo, in South Africa. I lived there for a little over a year. I raised a garden, composted, baked my own bread, foraged for fruit, and fulfilled my dream.

How about you? What are you feeding yourself?

When you're scrolling through a Facebook or Instagram or Twitter feed, can you see that you are feeding yourself a limited amount of information? Limited by what and whom you already know.

The operative question becomes: how can we expand our internal and external horizons in order to create, receive, and manifest the new?

Answer: by seeing, meeting, and hearing people and things that we've never even thought of before.

Total Freshness.

What are some sources of new ideas?


First of all, real people rock. The more you can get in front of actual human beings, in real life, who have ideas that are bigger than your own, the better.

If you've seen a TED talk on youtube, you might want to attend one locally in your town.

Try Creative Mornings for virtual talks worldwide. They are free and held monthly. Here's the website:

How about Science and Cocktails? Brussels and Copenhagen.

Look for other talks at libraries, community centers, and churches. They're happening all the time. Some are free, some are low cost. 

Go to a talk that is NOT in your area of interest, and see what you can learn.

Expanding your internal horizons means you can wish for, and manifest, things you never knew were possible.

Get wishing!

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