A 10-minute cure for exhaustion? I've tried it, now it's your turn!

Are you super tired with the roaring start to 2019?

I've been testing a technique that brings me from tired to fired up in fewer than ten minutes. Want to try it?

Next time you're feeling like the world is ending because you are falling asleep at your desk, give this a go:

Get into a sleeping position. At your desk, that might look like resting your head in your arms. If you're at home, you can lie down on a bed or a couch. Leave one arm free, dangling over the side of the desk or the bed.

Hold a pencil in your free hand.

Allow your mind to wander, allow your eyes to close. Yes, just as if you're going to take a nap.
What you're doing is putting yourself into a hypnagogic state, which is the threshold between sleeping and waking. When you go too far into Sleeplandia, you'll drop the pencil and wake yourself up (theoretically!)

So now, allow your thoughts to drift, and slide into that limbo state of mind.

When the pencil DROPS (as soon as your fingers relax), WAKE UP.

How do you feel?

When I try this cure for exhaustion, even though I've only been in the hypnagogic state for a little while, I often feel very refreshed and ready to stretch, get a cup of tea, and hit the tasks again.

I've been practicing this technique for about a month now. These days, the pencil doesn't necessarily even drop - I just feel my fingers tightening and my eyes opening, after about seven minutes.

Please send feedback! I'd like to know if it works, and how it works.

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