Five Ways to Know When It’s Time for a Psychic Reading

How do you know when it’s time for a psychic reading?

1. When your problems are more expensive than a session

I hear a lot of, “Gosh, I can’t afford a reading.”

But when people do book in and ask their questions, their problems are SO costly, I wonder why they waited!

Houses not selling (2 million), round after round of IVF to try to conceive a child (hundreds of thousands), terrible marriages that are taking their toll on both partners’ health and sanity (uncountably expensive), debt (into the hundreds of thousands, too, plus the emotional burden!).

When people finish a psychic session with ten practical solutions to their toughest problems, they nearly always say, “That was worth it!” And then they join my daily coaching group Seekers to get ongoing answers.

2. When you know you are guided but you can’t decipher your own messages

People, especially in my free Facebook group Shannon Walbran Psychic School, often say, “I see feathers,” or “I see the number 555.” So the telephone lines to heaven are open, apparently, but communication is NOT happening.

What if you found out your angels spoke Greek. Wouldn’t you learn Greek? Yes!

So knowing you’re getting messages, but not being able to interpret them, is the right time to get a psychic reading. Because hopefully from then on, you’ll have the dictionary in hand. This means that. X means Y.

3. When you are really, really angry, especially with God

A young woman felt guided (on her own, not from a psychic) to move overseas for work, so she did. When she got there, she struggled. Her roommate moved out, the job was hard, and she got homesick.

Her reaction? “Ha! That guidance was wrong! It didn’t turn out right at all! I’m never going to believe any of that angel nonsense again.”

She became quite cold, emotionally and spiritually. She moved back home, but she couldn’t get along with her family. She threw herself into building a house, but her life seemed mechanical and empty.

What did she need? Insight.

In a session, she could ask:

What was the point of her overseas chapter, and what should she do now?

What are her signs? Was she reading her signs correctly?

When is she too ego-attached to an outcome? Forcing things?

Does this sound at all like you? Are you really mad because that relationship, or baby, or job didn’t work out even though you had signs pointing you to go for it? Might be time for a session to sort that out, so that your anger doesn’t eat at you any longer.

4. When you are bursting with happiness and ready to rock the world

Being overjoyed is an amazing place to be. But, like someone who is in a manic state, or drunk, you can do some crazy stuff.

You might want to do everything while you’re feeling so awesome.

But we know that moods pass, and while we can “make hay while the sun shines” or “strike while the iron is hot,” wouldn’t it be great to know WHICH activities will bring us the most profit and sow seeds for future success, when we fade back down to normal and just go about our 24/7 in a regular fashion?

So super surges of energy are a good time to have a reading, to take advantage of your power.

5. A big life transition: about to get married, about to have a child, about to switch jobs, about to break up, about to move to a new place …

Although a psychic session is not going to tell you what WILL happen (since that is fortune telling and impossible), you can definitely find out about your strengths and weaknesses in the upcoming scenario and how to work with them.

For example, the questions:

What is my language of love and how can I use it?

What is my particular path to financial freedom?

How can I be a better parent to Q who is a 7 year old boy?

How can I maximize my gifts in the transition to <my new job>?

All of these would be super useful to you when you’re embarking on a new voyage.

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