Abundance homework: list what makes you FEEL rich

Miriam Castilla, aka “The Effectologist,” is a coach I’m following to learn more about a wealth mindset. She has a great strategy to attract more money and abundance into your life. Are you willing to try it with me?

When we’re complaining about being in debt or having enough clients, she has the perfect response.

She says, “Get off the topic and onto the vibration.”

What could this mean?

As Miriam says, the more we complain and moan, we are "on the topic," or focusing on what we don’t have. That way, we more likely we are to push away the abundance naturally coming towards us.

Is this just a bunch of Law of Attraction woo woo? Hmmm, let's see!

The way forward, Miriam advises, is to "get into the vibration" of abundance right now.

Yes, DO pay off the debt. Yes, DO be reasonable and frugal. DON'T splash out on fancy things or whip out the credit card.

But... feeling abundant doesn’t necessarily mean spending money, does it?

Her homework assignment was, “Write down things that make you feel abundant.” Yes, a few of them involve money. Some don’t!

A few of the links are affiliate links, meaning I may benefit if you click them and make a purchase. You may also get a discount, too.

Here’s my Feeling Abundant Homework done. Will you write out yours, as well?

1. Using an iPhone instead of a laptop, especially when traveling, because it lightens my luggage

2. Believing in, and volunteering at, the school my child attends

3. Taking a hot bath (especially right before bed)

4. International travel: planning it [that’s the free part!], experiencing it, and then reminiscing about it [also free!]

5. Wearing unusual, artistic clothing that feels and looks both comfortable and fantastic - re-combining my wardrobe in creative ways

6. Taking Uber every day so I can read and make phone calls in the car (plus a built-in bodyguard!). Don't use Uber yet?Get a discount with my link! Up to R50 ($3 ?) off your first lift.

7. Giving myself kinesiology, Reiki, and Emotional Freedom Technique treatments every day [also free, now that I know how!]

8. Reading any book in the world, available for free via the public library

9. Drinking bubbly water from my own SodaStream machine

10. Staying in quirky AirBnBs instead of hotels, for the best local experiences - never tried it? Here's a discount! It's R600 off a home stay of R1100 or more.

11. Journaling at a café while drinking a nice pot of rooibos tea

12. Discovering bargains and unusual ingredients by shopping at Middle Eastern and Asian grocery stores

13. Wearing perfume or essential oils

14. Gazing lovingly at my emergency fund, which serves as both a cushion against entrepreneurial slow months AND as a magnet for money

15. Related: organizing my bank accounts with The Basket System to attain Financial Independence. Also known as “being my own bank”

16. Eating sushi or making my own at home [sushi bowl: 1 tin of tuna, ½ cup cooked rice or cooked mung bean noodles, 1 Tablespoon of mayonnaise, 3 sheets of nori seaweed, ripped up]

17. Having a Virtual Assistant take care of my scheduling and billing. In addition to employing a lovely human being named Charlotte, I also use an online system called vCita (it creates that cute pop-up window on my business page). Try it on your website!

18. Recording my book “Guided!” and offering it via Audible - your first book on Audible is free

19. Hiring famous, talented coaches to teach me how to live and work better (and reading their blogs = free)

20. Answering questions and helping thousands of people via call-in shows on radio and TV, plus doing in-depth interviews on international podcasts - recommend one to me if you know of a good one!

21. Teaching and sharing via my own “Notes from a Psychic” podcast and my YouTube channel

22. Parenting in exactly my own way, thanks to working flexible hours

23. Getting my hair colored and cut just the style I like it - pink? undercut? ponytail?

24. Upgrading my skills constantly through courses and workshops

25. Receiving healing treatments like acupuncture, Body Code, Kahuna massage, and more

26. Attending silent retreats to release tension, re-connect to Source, and steady my mind. Meditating using the free app Insight Timer

27. Eating and sleeping well, plus feeling healthy and fit: the greatest abundance of all!

What is the point of this Abundance Homework exercise?

Feeling poor makes me feel worse.

Feeling abundant, even when my bank account is actually hovering very close to the red line, makes me feel better.

Feeling better allows me to attract, see, and step into new opportunities.

Can it work? Did it work for me?

Right after doing this homework, I got three new one-hour clients, a new member of Seekers, and an invitation to be on a radio show. So for me, yes, it works.

Read Miriam Castilla’s full article and/or watch her video on this important topic here: https://miriamcastilla.com/011-attract-more-money/

After you do your homework, observe your environment carefully and see what happens.

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