How to use the Atonement Process by Amy Joe Ellis to fix being broke

This story happened to me a while ago, but I wanted to share it with you in case "being broke" is troubling you right now!

All of a sudden, I woke up one morning, and I was broke.

I'd been so good at implementing the basket (aka envelope) system, in which I carefully allocated a percentage of each chunk of income toward five different savings accounts: taxes, school fees, home, travel, and emergency fund.

But then, for a good month, there was no income. Nothing to distribute. The baskets were empty.

But the expenses kept on piling up!

It confused me, because I had never felt stronger as a psychic practitioner. My accuracy was still at about 85%. People loved their sessions, but bookings had completely dried up. Hmmm.

Something else was going on, right? Something invisible.

At first I worried and fretted. I borrowed from Peter to pay Paul, until Peter stomped his foot and said, "No more!"

When things were looking really grim, I had to meet a friend at a local cafe to plan a birthday party for a mutual friend. (You can bet I ordered only a cup of rooibos tea and not the Caesar salad with extra anchovies I usually eat there!)

As people clinked wine glasses and cut into big steaks at tables all around us, I shared with him how tight my budget was and suggested some cheap ways to celebrate the upcoming birthday: in a park, with a picnic, etc.

He listened. Then, instead of continuing with the party plans, he stopped the conversation and took it in another direction:

"Recently, I met a client of yours. She had no idea we are friends. Without my bringing you up, she told me how she’d gone to this psychic, and how the session had changed her life. She told me she was taking the steps her angels had suggested, and now she is totally blooming."

I sat in the cafe with tears popping into the corners of my eyes. My breathing grew rapid, my chest got tight. Everything blurred together.

He continued,"So your money story, you know, it's temporary. You are living your purpose. That's the important part. That’s all that matters.”

I thanked him.

I was still gripping the edge of the restaurant table as if it were a cliff, but my tension subsided. We got back to planning the party (it ended up being a fun picnic!).

A day later, Life brought me another clue: a technique I'd like to share with you. It's called “The Court of Atonement,” and I’ll link to the full article at the end of this piece.

It was designed by Amy Joe Ellis, an American psychic whose work I admire.

Atonement, you might recall, is related to forgiveness and making amends. If I were to crash into someone's car, a judge could reasonably insist that I atone by paying for car repairs.

Some people spell atonement as at-one-ment, because when situations are made fair and square, we are all at one.

Inside the word atonement you can also find "tone," which implies that the situation in chaos is being brought into harmony.

To conduct this technique:

I was at home, by myself, and I switched my phone to silent. I took the process completely seriously. I knew that whatever I was about to see and hear, would be meaningful and helpful.

First I sat and meditated. I called the courtroom to order, in my imagination.

I saw a group of people file in. I didn't recognize them specifically, but they looked like Pilgrims, one of the first European immigrant groups to America [I actually do have Pilgrims in my family line].

I stood and, following the protocol, said, "I accuse you of blocking my income."

“I need a cushion of security. I need to feed myself and my family. And besides what I need, I have desires as well. I want to travel and see the world. I believe you are blocking me. Are you?”

My ancestors spoke immediately:

“We are blocking you. We don’t want you to bring shame to our family with this work that you do. With magic and nonsense.”

I replied:

“I call upon my Guides and your Guides to resolve this situation now. It is done.”

There was no time lapse at all, no wait for the jury to go out and come back. I heard a message right away:

“They were a minority voice. They have been swept away now.”

I thanked my Guides profusely, for mediating and then clearing the way.

Afterwards, I felt light and happy. I walked to my nearest library, and I took myself out for my "big treat," a decaf americano with almond milk.

When I got back home three hours later, there was a new client payment in my inbox. The income block was already shifting.

In the weeks that followed my use of the technique, clients trickled back in. Testimonials flowed. I got invited to be on a new radio show. I could feel the negative grip releasing and new, loving energy flowing in and flowering.

Reflecting on it, I can see how the two pieces worked together: a friend telling me that he’d bumped into a client, and then my decision to call upon my ancestors, and the message that this line, which was truly quite a small percentage in terms of my entire ancestral lineage, would have been the kind to do witch-hunting, back in the bad old days.

I recommend The Court of Atonement to you. In order to make it work, turn your clairaudience and your clairvoyance up to a 10. Allow anything in your imagination to come into play. Nothing is random. Everything is relevant.

Give it your best shot. Take notes.

Then, observe what happens in real life. This is important. If there’s a shift, you’ll know you weren’t just making stuff up. If not, try doing it again and see what else comes up, in the courtroom.

Here is the full website I read:

I followed her instructions, but then things also happened on their own, as Guides don’t always follow exactly what we humans tell them to do!

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