3 times meaningful: how to find messages in everyday words

I’ve been doing kinesiology treatments on myself every day lately, and I wanted to share with you what I'm learning, and how it ties in to you finding your messages through everyday words.

This is how my mini self kinesiology goes:

1. I open my manual to a list of emotions, and I muscle-test to find out which emotion my body needs to be cleared.

2. I see which organ in the body is related to that emotion (there’s a handy chart), and I do two or three exercises involving that organ or the meridian (the energetic channel) that controls that organ.

3.Then I muscle-test to check that I’ve cleared the emotion, and the process is done. It takes about five minutes, only.

So here’s what the treatment looked like the other day:

I opened my PKP International kinesiology manual and muscle-tested until I located the primary emotion my body wanted to clear, which was “distress,” in the liver.

I ran the liver meridian, which looks like tracing two fingers from my big toe up my legs to my ribcage.

Then I muscle tested to ask if the emotion had been cleared.

It was clear. Simple as that! I thought nothing of it, just, "OK, that's what my body wanted, so that's what I did."

Then I did my Bible reading for the day.

I opened a Catholic missal I received from my uncle, called This Day, and I was astonished to see the reading:

Psalm 120:

"To the Lord in the hour of my distress

I call - and am answered."

Wow! What alignment! What synchronicity! To see the word "distress" twice within one hour? Amazing.

I thought, "I really feel seen and heard by God. I am so blessed!"

Having accomplished a couple of my morning tasks, I then opened my email.

I do try to aim my personal compass at God before I open my phone or my computer, because the world is a very distracting place.

As soon as I look at messages, I feel sucked into work and the material world. So, first things first.

Then my jaw dropped again.

The first email was from a client. The subject line read: “In distress.”

Three times in ten minutes??

God was truly speaking to me through this word.

So, how can you apply this in your own life?

If you see a word three times, especially a word that has a heavy electrical charge around it, please know that this is not a coincidence.

This is meaningful and should be prayed and contemplated on.

In my case, I help people go from distress to de-stress. And God is answering me, in my own hour of distress, and I am following God's given path for me to help people.

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