How to leverage those moments of feeling AWESOME for further growth!

We've had big wins in Seekers this week (that's my daily coaching group), and I'd like to share some with you, anonymously. All these happened within the last MONTH:

One Seeker won a CCMA Labour Court case! The Guides advised how to play it fair and square, and the judge agreed!

One Seeker found a fantastic new apartment, within budget, in the right neighborhood - the Guides even sent a sample listing with the specs!

One Seeker was waiting for a visa to move overseas. While following guidance to be patient and to seek other opportunities, it came! Bon voyage!

One Seeker got guided on marketing a new product, down to the details of the labels, and now it's ready to sell!

One Seeker found a new job, #guided all the way, in the right industry and the right hours! Training begins soon!

Let's apply this to your life:

When you're feeling AWESOME, here's how to leverage that for further good!

This week has been absolutely gorgeous in Johannesburg: warm, sunny, leafy in an autumn kind of a way. I am on a focused health kick, and I'm feeling amazing. I sleep like a rock, and I wake up ready to leap out of bed. I am loving my clients, especially in my coaching groups, and all my relationships are on track.

So, yeah! Yay! Right on!

Now what?

Gratitude, always gratitude.

And affirmations! To celebrate what IS happening, and to build a platform in #guided confidence to create more and more, in alignment with the Divine Will for my life.

Here are some I was using this morning as I walked under a canopy of falling leaves (like in the movies!):

There is peace and harmony among all the characters in my life story.

I love my genetic and spiritual ancestors.

I understand, acknowledge, and approve of myself fully in the past, present, and future.

The Universe supports me physically and financially for being myself.

When things are going great for ourselves, praying for others is the next step. Prayer is effective and uplifting, for both ourselves and the prayer target.

Not sure what to say?

Try some of these blessings from this Buddhist Boddhisatva book. You might recall that a Bodhisattva is a person who could have stayed in heaven but chose to reincarnate as a guide here on Earth.

Which one of these verses speaks to you?

For me, the most meaningful was:

May travellers on the road

Find happiness wherever they go,

And without any effort

Accomplish whatever they set out to do.

I'll tell you why.

On an airplane trip last week, the flight attendant waited until all three people were seated in the exit row, and then he addressed them collectively:

"In the event of an emergency, the door is lifted like this …"

I was sitting in the window seat behind the exit row, looking out the window, watching the ground staff make final preparations.

Then I heard the flight attendant ask:

"Is everybody willing?"

I felt my emotions rise.


At that moment, all three people nodded, and they were agreeing, if push came to shove, to rescue the rest of us.


They would step forward. They would, if necessary, pull that lever and open that door, so we could all make it out alive.

Humans are ok, sometimes. 🙂

Always remember, you are guided! 

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