25 ways I rev up my creativity - for free

I'm writing a new book.

Writing is fun for me, and yet I sometimes have a hard time sitting down to do it.

All the ideas are swimming around in my head, but they are slippery fish to catch.

Are you feeling like your creativity is hard to manage, too?

Inspired by the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, I made this list of 25 ways to re-ignite my creativity.

Most of them can be done at home, on your own, and for free.

Which ones will you try this week? Schedule them into your diary and see if you don’t feel better being a creator rather than a consumer!

1. Sing, especially a song from childhood

2. Learn to play a song on the recorder, harmonica, or piano, and then play it

3. Write new jokes and tell them

4. Re-combine my clothes into cute outfits

5. Cook a new recipe of food I would enjoy (rather than cooking for others, which I do all the time)

6. Garden, water the plants, prune, harvest, transplant seedlings into larger pots

7. Hold my breath as long as I can. Do breathing exercises. Do a body scan from toes to head and back again.

8. Play with children's blocks - a very Zen activity that calms me immediately

9. Decorating fun: wrap a scarf around a pillow, spell something with the alphabet magnets on the refrigerator, outline the cupboard doors with colorful tape

10. Move pieces of furniture around: footstools, side tables, mirrors, switch the chairs. Put a new blanket on the bed.

11. Turn on the radio, to a different station, especially to a language I don't know

12. Lie in the hammock and just look at the sky and the trees; don’t read

13. Meditate with a different soundtrack on the Insight Timer phone meditation free app

14. Walk around the block and pick up sticks and twigs, lay them out in a design on the ground, make piles and stacks and patterns

15. Build a fire or light a candle, stare at the flame, relax

16. Jump on the trampoline

17. Hang upside down off the side of the bed

18. Draw a picture, of anything in the house. Make it as realistic as possible, take your time.

19. Make a collage of magazine scraps, see what comes out, just for fun

20. Take a pen and write / draw a temporary tattoo on my ankle. The phrase of the day, or a geometric design

21. Build a magical fairy garden out of stones, or a maze, or a labyrinth

22. Take my jar full of pennies and foreign coins, arrange them into a design. Stack them as high as they can go.

23. Write a poem about how I’m feeling today. Make it rhyme. Exaggerate everything, tell a "tall tale" in verse

24. Play a drumbeat with my fingers on the tabletop, see how long I can keep it going steadily

25. Play a word association game where you think of one word, the next one connects to it, til you get to a list of 25. See where your mind goes. Key - door - passage - ship - island - coconut - milk - cow - graze - grass - mat ...

Schedule 15 minutes of Random Creativity for yourself every day and see if your conversations improve! How about your writing, too?

Notice if there are any internal changes in how you observe the world and interact with it.

Which one of these are you trying today? Please leave a comment about how it worked for you!

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