Curse or Gift? How about both? A story of "ringing in the ears"

A client who was a professional musician asked me about the meaning behind her tinnitus. Was there a spiritual cause, or a physical one? Was she going deaf?

Tinnitus is an annoying problem, if you’ve ever had it (and I hope you haven’t). It’s a ringing in the ears, or a high-pitched whine, like the sound of electricity on the wires. It comes and goes. In some people, tinnitus can be so loud as to block out everyday sounds, like voices.

She was worried. Would you be able to hear her grandchildren?

And, how would it affect her career as a musician? Would she be able to play, to practice, to record new material?

Her Guides had very good news for her, and luckily she received it well:

Your tinnitus is like an alert on your phone. It’s a notification. It means, “We have a message for you.”

When the tinnitus “rings the bell,” all you have to do is sit down and write down what you’re thinking about. Don’t worry if you just get a phrase or a word, that’s a start.

Not only was she terrifically relieved, she confessed: “I thought it was something along those lines, that they want me to download information, but I had no idea where to start or how to do it. Writing it in a notebook is such an easy solution!”

Then the musician brought up a movie she had seen a long while back, “Roxanne,” starring the comedian Steve Martin. In the film, he plays a fireman with an enormous nose. He believes he can never have a happy life, never marry, never succeed, because his nose is so huge.

Even though a beautiful woman (played by Darryl Hannah) is in love with him, Steve Martin can’t believe that she truly cares for him - how could she, if he is so atrociously ugly in his own eyes?

Later in the movie (#spoileralert) Steve Martin smells a fire from far away, and uses his skills as a fireman to put out that fire, saving lives. His big nose has become a gift. Then he realizes he is ok, and he finally allows love into his life.

My musician client told me the story of the movie and asked, “Is it true that sometimes a curse, like my tinnitus, can be related to a gift, like downloading messages from my Guides and angels?”

The answer is a big YES.

Not every curse is a gift … or is it?

God gives us what God gives us, with great purpose behind every move. It’s up to us to figure this out.

If you’d like to explore your own curses and attempt to decipher the gifts behind them, please get in touch. It’s a topic I truly enjoy translating about.

To your discoveries and gratitude for the mysteries...

Love and creativity like the ringing of distant temple bells.

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