God is still speaking: the story of K, her psychic, and Saint André of Montreal

A woman I’ll call 'K' emailed me in deep sadness.

“My psychic has passed away,” K said. “My spiritual leader is gone. I feel so lost and directionless. And yet I feel she is still with me, contacting me regularly. But I don’t understand what she’s saying to me. Is this something you can help me with?”

I wrote back to K. First I expressed my condolences. Second, I clarified that since I am not a medium, I wouldn’t be able to bring her direct messages from her deceased psychic.

But perhaps if K's psychic is still contacting her from the Great Beyond, it could mean that it’s time for K, on Earth, to develop her own psychic gifts? Gift development is something I am good at and would be willing to help with.

When I heard back from K, I found out, "No, no, I want to hear directly from my psychic, and I miss her so much, as a person, that this is exactly what I want, and only that." K would go find someone else who was a medium, thanks and bye.

I let K go, obviously, because I wasn’t able to serve her in the way that she wanted.

And yet I felt that there was a bit more for me to learn here, so I asked my own Guides for help. (I always do this when I need help!!)

My Guides directed me to read about a saint I had not heard of, Brother André, now called St. André of Montreal.

He is the patron saint of doormen.

André was orphaned young and had no visible skills, but his teachers noticed he had great piety and holiness, so he was “given” to a monastery outside of Montreal. They put him to work doing menial tasks like cleaning and being the security guard.

Later, Brother André joked, "When I joined this community, the superiors showed me the door, and I remained 40 years." He had a good sense of humor.

He also had a hidden gift, that of healing. He would take oil from the lamp and, in the name of St. Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus, he would anoint sick people. And they got well.

Miracles started happening, more and more. The simple doorman was becoming a saint.

In the end he needed four secretaries to handle the 80,000 letters he received each year.

According to the Wikipedia article I read, this fame did not sit so well with some of his colleagues and superiors.

Brother Andre never took credit for the healings. He always attributed them to St. Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus.

From the beginning to the end of his life, he was always 100% humble. That’s why it was so easy to canonize him. He was a total saint, through and through.

Now, back to my own experiences as a psychic and a healer (and a person of faith). I KNOW I am not doing this work as a psychic all by myself.

How can I be so sure?

Because there is no way on Earth I could have any of the facts of my client's life that come through: where she works, what her family is like, what her health problems are, her inner thoughts, her sleep patterns, her habits, her aspirations.

Who could possibly have this information? Only the client herself, and God, communicating to us through His angels, saints, and Guides.

However, in order for a session to happen, I do have to show up. If I skipped an appointment or just said, “No thanks, I’d rather go to the beach,” I wouldn’t be doing my part.

God gave me gifts, I need to use them.

On the other OTHER hand, if I were not available, could the client go to another psychic? SURE! Angels and Guides will speak via any reasonable conduit. (And that's what I teach: how to hear your own messages). Their point is to get the message through, right?

I realize I have trained, I know I have studied, and clearly I have practiced - doing readings non-stop since 2003. So I’m good at what I do.

But back to the original woman, K, who was feeling so lost and forlorn because her spiritual guide had passed away.

It seems that K was a bit dependent on just her ONE human guide.

I never want anyone to feel like that when I am dead.

Sure, I will understand if you miss me.

But the Voice of God will continue to speak, through all channels, all the time. God uses a doorman. He uses music. Numbers. Clouds. ANYTHING to get you to listen.

You don’t need ONE particular channel or person to help you. Attachment to the human is a dangerous game, one that you will always lose, in the end. Because death, obvs.

God is eternal. And God is still speaking.

More info on Brother André, now Saint André of Montreal:


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