Gobsmacking Examples of #YouAreGuided!

November 1 is my business anniversary. I started practicing professionally on November 1, 2003!

Here are two gobsmacking examples of the #YouAreGuided guidance that has come through recently (even I get excited about these!!):

I know the image is a little confusing with all the names blocked out - of course I need to keep these stories completely anonymous.

Here's how it went down.

A Seeker (pink) asks, "HR says it's evaluation time. How should I do my work self-rating?

The Guides answer: "Rate yourself highly! You're doing well! But there is one area of growth you can write in: to learn a coding language, like Sequel."

The Seeker replies: "Yes, it's Sequel! I've started with it and left it hanging for a while now."

I respond, as myself, "Bingo! #YouAreGuided. Wow are your Guides on point."

And then another Seeker (green) chimes in with our names and says, "Oh my word!"

A great part about Seekers is the witnessing.

Watching someone else receive guidance and cheering them on - it's so powerful!

Here's another recent moment of "Wow!":

The main point of this Q and A is: "How can I handle a demanding client?"

The Seeker, in blue, is a healer who is working on a client's business. The client had complained after two sessions, "Why isn't everything perfect immediately??"

The Guides advise: As a healer, you need to cultivate both detachment and faith. Keep showing up.

However, "benchmarking," which means showing the client how things used to be (because how quickly do we forget how bad it was!!?) and how things are now is super useful. You need to show a before and after.

The Seeker then agrees and mentions that the demanding client has already noticed improvement. So, relief. Whew!

And it's a realization for all of us that even great healers don't control the outcomes. That's always in God's hands.

Two examples from the past few days of #YouAreGuided. Wow!

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