Mercury Retrograde *WARNINGS*, Stories (some are funny!), and REMEDIES

We're right in the thick of Mercury Retrograde, and I wanted to help you with a few stories and remedies.

What is Mercury Retrograde and how does it affect you?

Mercury Retrograde lasts for three weeks (plus a bit more) and happens three times per year.

The bad side is that Mercury Retrograde messes with communication, technology, and paperwork.

The good side is that Mercury Retrograde reveals what has been hidden. Useful!

This one is 31 Oct - 20 November, and it's been hitting people I know HARD.

Examples of how Mercury Retrograde is affecting my clients:

My Mac won’t let me login, for some reason the password doesn’t work so I’m just waiting for mercury to finish.

My car just random didn't want to start this morning. Had to be boosted twice. Had the battery tested - Absolutely nothing wrong with it. Thanks for the reminder about Mercury Retrograde, Shan. All day I wasn't wondering if this was a sign from my angels to sell the car sooner than I was thinking.

Meetings I have set up are not in my diary but they’re in the diaries of the attendees ?? and been having printer problems.

My colleague and I have always had a good & light-hearted relationship but lately he’s been throwing jabs at me that I’m not understanding. He’ll usually say “I’m joking” at the end of these statements but now I’m feeling like these are his honest thoughts about me and I need to watch myself around him.

I got my water bill yesterday and it’s R27k ????! I know I have had a leak but we have turned the water off at the mains for the past few weeks except for an hour in the morning and evening to wash. So the amount seems excessive to me.

I dropped my phone and the screen smashed so I haven't been able to do any work from it!

So the warnings you can take from these experiences are:

  • be super careful with your technology
  • read your bills and statements thoroughly, dispute if necessary
  • make a backup plan when things go crazy wrong
  • double-check meetings and communications of all kinds

My own personal experiences of Mercury Retrograde - funny, not tragic:

Story 1: SodaStream Disaster

I like my SodaStream machine. I use it every day.

My son likes bubbly water, and so do I.

We go through about one 30L gas canister per week.
However, my son prefers flavored water.

I know you can buy those drops, or a flavored syrup. I tried them on him, but he’s kind of picky, and he said, “It doesn’t taste as good as the flavored water we buy in the shops.”
So yesterday, I mixed half shop water with plain water and bubbled it.

Did you know that on the SodaStream instructions it reads, “Only use plain water. Never bubble flavored water?”

Well, I found out why.

When my half-and-half bottle was full of bubbles, I tried to unscrew it, and it “blew up” water all over me and the kitchen. No harm done, just a wet face and a lesson learned.

Look at the photo: See the empty-ish bottle next to the machine? It was full, and then it was all over me.

Thanks for the lesson, Mercury Retrograde: read the instructions. ?

Story 2: Come home, internet! Come back! I miss you!

Nearly everyone has a problem with technology during Mercury Retrograde.

We lost electricity at home, and it came back after 4 hours (not too unusual in South Africa) but the internet refused to come back.

I waited, I logged a fault with Telkom, and 24 hours later, still nothing.

I made this meme to cheer myself up. Hit reply and tell me if you get my joke?

Even now I'm borrowing my neighbor's internet, with their permission.

Wi-fi, #MissingU #PlzComeHome !

How can I fix or prevent what's happening during Mercury Retrograde??

1. See what needs to be uncovered!!

Look for signs. Listen to people carefully and read between the lines. People will "slip up" and tell you what they really feel, during this period. Seek the truth.

2. Ask for help!

I sing a little song like this:

"Angels of Mercury Retrograde / Angels of Mercury Retrograde / Show me just what you would like me to see / Help me get through this phase with ease."

3. Notice the benefits!

Mercury Retrograde is not there to punish you.

Mercury Retrograde is a symptom, not a disease. It is a messenger.

Wouldn't you like an informant who reveals secrets? That's Mercury Retrograde, when you work with it rather than rebelling against it.

This is a post from a healer I follow who makes a great point about using Mercury Retrograde to turn dust into gold!

Your Personal Version of Mercury Retrograde

A number of Seekers in my daily coaching group have asked, "How is Mercury Retrograde affecting ME personally, and what should I watch out for?"

The answers from the Guides have been fascinating. These are answers from me to my clients, in Seekers:

Luckily you're not getting slammed by this Mercury Retrograde except for some miscommunications (builders, for example). For you it's more of an internal process of the re's: re-considering, re-flecting, re-viewing. Until this MR is done on 20 November, take notes of your insights - they are true. Your claircognizance is especially high right now. Our 30-day challenge to journal, #Journovember, is truly perfect timing for you. ❤️

Your Guides say thankfully for you, Mercury Retrograde is working in your favor: it is helping you re-examine what you need - in your case, extra support - and it's opening up deeper communication from your insides to the outsides. Mercury Retrograde *reveals what is hidden* and in your case, those are some big feelings around your current circumstances. ❤️

The message for you is about systems and support, legality and backup plans. Trying to do things all by yourself, with no helper, is leading to Mercury Retrograde crashes. Simplification, systems, and support. ❤️

Your turn!

Can you imagine being able to ask one question per day, Monday-Friday, to get your own personalized answers and divine guidance, when circumstances like Mercury Retrograde swoop in and knock you off your feet?

Here is a message from a Seeker who just celebrated one year of guidance:

Today marks 12 months as a Seeker.
To say I’ve come a long way is an understatement.
I have purpose, clarity and support; things I lacked prior to joining this group.
I’m looking forward to many more years in this group.

Join Seekers, my private online group where people double their incomes, move to new countries, start new relationships, and figure out EVERYTHING in their lives?

When you're ready to join Seekers, drop me an email at

Hoping your Mercury is more Freddie than Retrograde!

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