Ready to uplevel your creativity?

When I use the words "artist" and "ascension" together, what does it mean to you?

An artist is someone who creates. Each of us is an artist in our own lives, through what we decide to wear, hear, eat, make, and more.

Ascension is the process of coming into our own light, our own holiness. We do this through healing our past traumas, through making new choices that serve our bodies and minds better, and through learning how we are part of the divine flow.

What is Artist Ascension and how does it benefit you?

Many of you know that I'm currently writing a book. Writing and speaking are my primary ways of creating art in the world (that's why I love doing public talks and radio shows!).

I love to write, and I'm happy when I'm writing, but that doesn't mean it's always easy.

One day this week, I knew I had to write a section of my book, but it was going to get personal, and I resisted.

Every time I walked past my writing desk, the empty notebook stared at me. Daring me to sit down. I couldn't.

To sort myself out, I went for a walk with my headphones in.

My current audiobook from the library is "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert. First time listening. Great stuff, all about creativity.

I walked for about half a mile through my neighborhood, admiring the purple jacaranda blossoms, and growing more and more relaxed. I even chuckled at some of Gilbert's lines.

Then, I saw my sign!

An iridescent blue and white feather lay on the sidewalk. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll see that I pick up feathers, coins, and odd tokens all the time, but I'd never seen a feather like this before. 

Just then I hit pause on the audiobook and thought, "What was Elizabeth Gilbert just talking about? That's my message!"

I re-wound 15 seconds and heard her say, "So when a big idea comes to you, you can't abandon it, or else it might leave you and land with someone else!"

My house was only one block away, I turned off the book and marched straight home, sat down at my desk, and wrote the section that had been super-stuck for me!

Later, an instagrammer named @africorn said the magic blue feather could be from a magpie or a pied crow. 

Magpie is one of my totem animals, always helping me find shiny and meaningful objects on the sidewalk!

So how can you tune into your signs more easily?

How can you let more creativity in?

Where are you in your ascension process? 

How about acting as an artist in your life?

My friend Alexis Cohen, who is a visionary artist, mentor, and shamanic practitioner, has interviewed many people, including myself, about the spiritual creative process.

This is what Alexis says about creativity:

Our New Earth is emerging has instructions for you about how to midwife her...if you listen closely.

Artists, healers, and lightworkers tend to be the ones who hear the call first.

There is a new body of work that is nudging you from the inside. It contains the frequencies, light codes and healing energy to support you and the transformational process on the planet.

Maybe you’re feeling inspired to try a different kind of art form or learn a new healing modality and you’re inspired to weave them together into a new form…somehow.

Having a solid spiritual and creative practice powerfully supports you along your journey to create your sacred body of work with clarity, ease and joy! 

I hope her words and my story inspire you to take on your next projects with a knowing that you are deeply guided, and that creativity flows to you and through you like water.

May you and all beings be happy and filled with grace!

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