Sometimes you just need a good yes or no from your Guides!

Sometimes we just need a good "yes" or "no" answer from our Guides.

How can we get that?

I believe in muscle testing as a great strategy.

You can use just your fingers, you never have to carry cards or a book with you, and you can learn how to muscle test in subtle ways, so nobody (at the dinner table, in the grocery store) knows you're asking your Guides a question!

What is Muscle Testing, and how can I learn it and practice it?

In muscle testing, you and your Guides create a dialogue where stop/stuck/non-moving means "yes" and go/loose/moving means "no."

You can rub your fingers together, or link your thumb and finger and gently try to break the bond with a finger from your other hand. There are several ways.

I'd like to "draw back the curtain" and show you how I personally use muscle testing to get strong "yes" and "no" answers when I coach my Seekers every day, Monday through Friday.

Should I start up my new biz idea or bring my current idea to fruition?

Here is a great recent question from a Seeker, whose name and photo are blocked out in pink:

When I see a question from a Seeker in our daily Facebook group, I first "like" it to let her know I'm working on the answer, and then I ask her Guides for specific advice.

Using muscle testing, I ask for a yes or no to her basic questions, but I go a little bit deeper by breaking her question into multiple parts:

Should she pursue her original business idea? No.

Should she stick to her old business idea (blocked out in black)? Yes.

Why should she do the original business idea, is it because it is a great idea? Yes.

Why should she do the original business idea now, is it because of timing? Yes.

If she doesn't do her original business idea, might someone else do it? YES.

If someone else does it, will she be cross? YES.

(The big YES is when the muscle testing really sticks in my fingers; there's a quality of strength to the answer that comes with practice.)

And so, using this information and translating into English sentences that make sense, I reply to the Seeker:

As you can see, she confirms that this has happened to her in the past and she was very cross!

However, we're not done, because her last line makes her Guides tap me on the shoulder (They do this literally, I can feel in my body when they need to say something).

I use muscle testing to ask:

Do you need me to address her line, "I wanted to kill someone?" No.

Is it about the plan for the business, "Lets do it in full force?" No.

Is it about her last sentence, "I can't focus?" Yes.

Does she need to un-do this negative self-talk? Yes.

She gets it!

We practice catch, ditch, and switch regularly in Seekers. When someone says something negative about themselves, it's LOUD. We un-do it and choose better words.

I check in with her Guides: is that all? is that enough? No.

Which words do you want her to re-do? (I then read her sentences slowly until my fingers catch again): "am able to." Should she delete this phrase? Yes.

Last round:

Here, she is finished. She has the right affirmation, and she is even turning them into questions, on her own (called "afformations") which can be more powerful. Her Guides say YES to either affirmations or afformations.

And the best part of this image to me is the light blue circle - another Seeker chimes in to repeat her affirmation and to cheer her on.

That's the power of the circle for you!

Can you see how much time and effort goes into coaching EACH person? I check in with their Guides about every DETAIL of their answers.

Each person gets to ask a question every day, Monday through Friday. And this is the level of care your Guides are giving you.

I've been practicing since 2003 with the technique of muscle testing, and it has served me incredibly well, allowing me to get answers for myself and, because I have their permission, for my clients.

I wish you direct communication with your Guides and angels. I wish you answers, solutions, intuition, and information to help you through this human experience, which can be very trying!

To your knowing and feeling that #YouAreGuided, always and everywhere!

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