Rona-ready? #Guided to deal with Covid-19

I'm scared right now. And I know that fear is part of the human experience.

Every day I wake up and ask, "Am I healthy?" and then five minutes later, "How about now? How about NOW?" 

And, so far, I am healthy, thank goodness. 

When I open my gmail, I start each letter with, "I hope this email finds YOU well." 

When have those words ever meant so much?

All day long, even in normal times, I have: 

one foot in the physical, earthly plane (health, money, parenting, cooking, cleaning, distance learning (!), vegetable gardening, reading the news and crying) and I have 

one foot in the spiritual realm (asking my Guides questions, asking my Guides questions for my clients, translating those messages, and then following through on them).

Take the coronavirus, as a specific example of a question I'm asking about a lot lately. Probably, you are, too.

Currently, cases of Covid-19 are rising here in South Africa, and cases are still happening in other countries, such as my home country of the United States.

People I know are getting sick. 

I tapped into my guidance, by using muscle testing, and asked my Guides, "Should I prepare to fall ill?" 

My Guides' answer was, "Yes," which of course freaked me out, followed quickly by, "... and let's set you up to get through this as easily as you can."

First, the practical

My Guides directed me to take two steps: 

1. People I know have said that brain fog is a big challenge with Covid-19. People can't remember which medicines to take to make themselves feel better.

So I wrote out a list of symptoms and remedies and posted it in my kitchen. I made sure I have all my favorite medicines, both Western and Eastern / herbal, in stock.

2. When I'm sick, I get hungry, but I have absolutely no energy to cook. While I'm still healthy, I have now meal-prepped and pre-cooked 21 tiny meals with different flavors and put them in plastic bags in the freezer.

I will only have to microwave them. [Usually I am anti-microwave, but in this case, I'll make an exception].

My freezer!

What do you need to prep? 

Do you have your remedies at hand?

What can you do to make eating and drinking really, really easy?

Second, the spiritual

I've been meditating more often during lockdown. 

Even in normal circumstances, it's not always "calming" to meditate. It doesn't always make me feel happy. But it does make me perceive things more clearly. So I keep doing it.

Meditation helps me observe when my irrational fears are taking over. Meditation brings me back to reality.

My other current spiritual practice is: I'm also asking my Guides questions every time I bump up against a challenge that my regular intellect can't handle. 

I ask. I respond. I take guided action. Rinse and repeat.

My main method of asking for guidance is to use muscle testing, and that's what I speak with Sigrid about in this Light Initiation retreat.

In addition to asking a question when I get stuck or confused, I also ask where I should allocate my energy for the day.

This is spiritual exercise, much like meal prepping.

When all aspects of our daily lives are in equilibrium and balance, when we're taking care of business ahead of time, then we're ready to meet "random" or unexpected problems. (Like illness).

May you be well, both physically and spiritually.

Always remember, you are guided!

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