"Shannon, what if my guidance did *not* work?" The method is the message.

I'm going to be tell you a tough story of an angry client, and then I'll share some insightful and supportive responses to that client that I received from Seekers, who are the coachees I work with daily.

Now, the tough story:

I recently received an email from a previous client who was disappointed and distraught. Oof! This happens rarely, but it always makes me doubt my calling.

She had come to me for a session over a decade ago, and she says she's followed that guidance ever since. But "nothing" came to pass.

At the end of her email, she goes so far as to ask me to tell the Guides not to give people false hope, because it can destroy them. 

The email left me shaken and sorrowful. 

I prayed about it and just heard, "Wait." So I waited, prayed some more, for a week. Then I had an inspiration.

I'm working with 20 smart, psychic, intentional people right now in my Seekers daily coaching group on Facebook. 

Seekers hear messages every day, and they put them into action. Seekers have had such good results, but also some disappointments, too - what would they advise this client?

I shared the story with the Seekers, and their responses were profound, helpful, and kind (as I have come to expect from this group):

Seeker 1. I can relate. My first consultation with you, Shannon, was back in 2007. I left thinking I had all the answers to sort out my life.

But life is so fluid. Every year we are meant to see our financial advisor because our situation changes. I see receiving guidance in the same way. So many things change.

Seeker 2. One thing I know is as life changes, our circumstances change too, and therefore the guidance changes with it.

Sometimes we wish everything to happen all at once as we are guided but we can't always expect all to happen if we are not patient and are inconsistent. But like seasons change, so does the guidance.

I have experienced with my guides where it all worked. Where it didn't work was because I took too long to commit myself, or where my circumstances changed at that time.

Seeker 3. The world and circumstances keep on evolving continuously and that impacts on the guidance we receive at the moment we ask for guidance (and hence it is called “guidance” NOT facts not guarantees).

I can also relate, and there even is one instance I completely disagreed with my guidance, but I’ve learnt to accept that. Now I flag the guidance but respond to situations as they happen/change. 

Seeker 4. Guidance from the invisible realm is like a snapshot in that moment .. it is true for that moment, but how we then put it into manifestation into our lives is up to us. 

We are so complex as humans, we meet life with our past hurts and other experiences, and if there are still shadows and unresolved patterns it doesn’t matter how much Guides prompt us in the right direction.

If we are not in total resonance in our life, we will not attract what we dream of.

I also have experienced much guidance that was relevant for the moment, and while it inspired me in the moment to take steps, it didn’t always manifest. Something else showed up that was more in resonance with my being/soul.

Much love to you and her.

Seeker 5. I think I might tell her that it's never a guaranteed outcome, that our Guides do their best to help us but sometimes things just don't work the way they are anticipated to do.

My take is that my life is unfolding as it 'should' and as I dream it 'will' and I attribute that hugely to the guidance I've had translated by you for the past, so many years.

And the guidance I've followed. To be honest I can't think of one example where I've been disappointed in an outcome, other than when I can't come to the party properly. I either follow my guidance whole-heartedly or not at all. 

And even then, the detail may not have materialised exactly as desired (for example, I didn't sell my house within 3 months, as I had hoped to) but the big picture has come to fruition (I made my inter-continental move, and I'm happy about it).

Seeker 6. Your guidance is just that: something to guide us, to help us navigate what is happening in the moment. 

It is not gospel nor is it commands for us to 'follow blindly'. 

We are also guided. 

You always say that you are the translator and interpreter. 

What is it we say: "don't shoot the messenger." Sending you and her love and light.

Seeker 7. Our guides provide us with insight for the moment we are in at the time that we ask. 

People have free choice; and, with that free choice, the guidance will change. 

We cannot follow blindly as we will miss the signs along the way that may point to a better method, a different path, new information. Whenever things don’t turn out the way I wish it had; and, I reflect upon my journey, there are often moments where I was provided insight that I chose to ignore in my haste to get to the end.

I am so sorry this client's journey does not have a happy ending. 

Reflect on what happened, what went right, what went not quite right and take inventory where this journey landed. In the rumble of crumbled dreams there may be the key to success of another kind. 

All is not lost. Find your center deep within and the truth will be there along with the will to take another step forward. Lots of love and light.

Seeker 8. We are guided not commanded. 

Seeker 9. When I turned to a psychic for help, I think I was looking for an easy step-by-step approach to fix my life. 

What I got was that step-by-step guidance which applied in that moment. 

I learnt the hard way that the guidance can "expire" and the window of opportunity can close depending on my action or inaction (which is also a choice). Every feedback we take and implement opens up new choices which are available to us. 

There is no "destiny" set in stone, we CREATE our destiny and what I have found through this experience is that because we are subjective and involved in our "drama" we often don't see the solutions and you, Shannon, help us, through your translation, SEE.

For example, sometimes when a Seeker Sister is guided, I can clearly see the solution offered, and I also look back on some of my guidance in hindsight and see the connection. 

I am often stuck in exactly how my life should unfold, because I take messages too literally. Sometimes things come to pass anyway, in a way that was different from how I imagined, simply because I followed guidance to a T.

"Thank you, Seekers! I learn so much by spending time with you every day!"

Back to me:

I then read the original client's email again, and then I re-read the messages from the Seekers, thanking them for their insights in our FB group.

Next step? Again I was told to "wait" by my own Guides.

What was the missing piece? 

I agreed with what the Seekers had said, and I'd experienced that myself: guidance is a snapshot, but life is a movie.

Life changes, other people change, and we can't guarantee outcomes.

So, then, what's my purpose? Am I even helping? What's the point of translating guidance at all?

My answer came late the next evening, as if often does, while I was busy doing something else (laundry, as it happens):

"The method is the message. The message is the method."

Hmm. I had heard something like this before, by the Canadian thinker Marshall McLuhan: The medium is the message, which means "the nature of a medium (the channel through which a message is transmitted) is more important than the meaning or content of the message."

(PS by "medium" he means TV or radio or internet, not a psychic like John Edwards who does crossing-over with deceased relatives). 

So how does that answer the client?

After I had meditated, I understood this:

Shannon, when you translate messages from a person's Guides, you are demonstrating:

a) a person has a divine guidance available to them; that's why We always want you to say to the client #YouAreGuided

b) this is what guidance looks like and sounds like - the content is directive and uplifting

c) this is what GETTING guidance looks and sounds like - use your hands, or cards, or a book, or your body as a message receiver

d) everybody can and should learn how to attain guidance themselves.

So my sessions seem like they are about giving specific information to people to help them solve their toughest personal and professional problems, BUT the Guides' intention behind the sessions is multiple, always aiming at helping the client receive help independently and in an ongoing way.

I hope this message helps you today!

Always remember, you are guided!

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