How shingles stopped my doomscrolling!

I'm going to talk about how my Guides use a physical symptom in my body as a way to communicate with me. 

Up front, I'll remind you of two things: I'm not a doctor, and Covid-19 is real. So if you have a symptom of the coronavirus, please follow through and consult a doctor.

This story is about a different kind of symptom, and a significant one, that has managed to change my daily behaviors (when other things, like my willpower) could not.

I was feeling weird a couple of days ago, weird in a way that I knew something was going on with my body.

My skin started to feel as if I had sunburn, but only around my torso, which hasn't seen the sun in months, since we are in winter here in South Africa.

And I had some sharp pains, too, some deepish pains, also in my torso area.

Then, about five days ago, I found a red spot on my skin, on my left rib cage, where my left elbow would be, approximately. It was bright red, and it itched, and it was the source (or perhaps the endpoint) of all the pains I'd been feeling.

Know what this is? Shingles!!! Shingles are bad bad bad, so I quickly googled them, and yep, my symptoms matched. (Don't google the images if you can help it, the photos look terrible!).

I immediately sat down to meditate. 

What are these for? 

Can I head them off at the pass? What is up?

I heard and felt, using both my clairaudience and my muscle testing: 

These shingles are not too bad, and they're not going to get worse, IF you pay attention right now. You have been stressing for such a long, sustained time, that your body is now showing you what your stress is causing. Stop Worrying Right Now. And stop doomscrolling.

I said, "Whew! Ok, ok, I promise!" And I sat down and meditated some more. And the red spot stopped actively hurting.

The next morning, I woke up with the spot stinging a bit, like a mosquito bite. That was my reminder: don't do today what we told you about yesterday.

I read ONE article, tuned in to the shingles spot, and it was ok. I went to read a second article, and the spot acted up. Eureka! 

Now I know my limit. It's not really shingles yet. It's like ONE shingle. It's like a pre-shingle. Let's call it a Pringle.

But man, is it useful. 

Later, after lunch, I turned back towards my laptop and thought, "Hmm, I wonder what's happening in US politics / worldwide Covid-19 statistics / that murder trial I'm following?" As I took one step towards my desk, my whole left side lit up with pain. That means "no." 

Thank you, symptoms! 

Thank you, Guides!!

Have you ever had a prominent symptom communicate with you about a behavior you know you need to change?

Always remember, you are guided!

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