Guidance sounds "too easy?"

Sometimes clients reject guidance for this reason: it seems way too easy.

Do our Guides really want us to suffer? Or do They want what we also want for ourselves?

If our Guides' job is to help us get what we need, and if that goal is for the highest good of all concerned, then shouldn't we give Their guidance a shot, even if it sounds too simple?

A Story of Guidance that Seemed Too Simple

A long time ago I was seeing clients in the bohemian suburb of Melville, in Johannesburg. A young man came in - kind of a handsome guy.

We went through his questions, and he was really digging the answers, saying, "Yeah, I see that, oh yeah, I'd thought of that myself." Not overdoing his responses, but telling me he understood the guidance, and he seemed willing to take on the tasks presented to him.

Then he asked his last question.

It was hard for him to ask. He stared at his paper for a while.

"How do I quit cocaine, for good, this time?"

Whew. It was clearly a big deal for him. And as he looked down at the table, not meeting my eye, I perceived there was a big part of him that didn't want to ask, because he wasn't ready to stop.

His Guides said, "We understand, and we know you're ready. We want you to stop drinking coffee."

He looked up at me sharply: "Like, that's it? Coffee? That's all it's going to take? I hardly even drink any coffee, anyway." 

I listened for more guidance to come, but I got very little extra. "Yep. They said that if you stop drinking coffee all together and eliminate stimulants, you'll no longer crave cocaine."

He shook his head. He stood up to go. He said, "I believed everything except for that point. Thanks, though, anyway." He sounded and looked discouraged.

*Three Years Later*

I was at a party and a woman introduced herself to me, and we chatted, and la la la, she knew someone who had consulted with me, and it turned out to be that guy. 

Of course I didn't say a word, I wouldn't confirm if I'd ever even met him. I just listened.

She did all the talking: "And the weirdest thing was that part about the coffee. You know, it took him six months after you saw him, but he hasn't touched coke since, and it changed his life."

In conclusion, sometimes it's the seemingly dumb, seemingly little, and seemingly, "I've tried everything already and nothing has worked so don't give me that too-easy answer" solutions that can actually work.

Part Two, A Recent Letter

Now here's a letter from a Seeker who tried some "too easy" guidance; let's see what happened!

"Hi, Shannon,

I wanted to share a story with you today. 

Whilst journaling this morning, I was writing about some of the work pressure I have been under the past few weeks and felt like I have not been in control of work as I would have liked, and was writing about this.

I also remembered about the guidance I received regarding the negative "self talk" in my head, and brought in a positive affirmation "that I am doing the best I can in the current circumstances and that's all I can do" and gave myself a pat on the back and a "well done" for the effort over the past few weeks. 

I did this to counteract the negative self talk that was occurring in my head.

Whilst journaling, I opened another journal page on my computer in error and continued typing a few letters on the new journal page. When I realised this, I switched back to my journal on which I had been typing first, and continued there. 

Once I was done journaling I went back to the journal that I opened in error and saw the word "AMEN".

I had goosebumps and sat in awe for a few seconds, what a blessing. 

I feel certain that this was a message from my guides.

Feel like they were letting me know that they are still with me and they are happy with the approach I was following to deal with my work pressure. 

Feel grateful that they sent me a sign to show me they are still with me, and for the encouragement they provided by the one word.

Thought that I would share this story with you, since you have assisted me to interpret messages from my guides in the past and more recently over the last few months. 

Take care and thank you for the opportunity you have given me to communicate with my guides. Till the next story.

Yours sincerely,

A Seeker"

Impressive, eh? As this Seeker's translator, I was THRILLED to hear that using a positive affirmation was enough to get the Guides to speak to this Seeker right through the computer screen. Wow!

I know that Guides communicate easily through electricity and electronics, but this was still mind-blowing to me, that They would actually type an "Amen" onto this Seeker's document. So cool!!

Dear guided friend [FIRST NAME GOES HERE] - sometimes our guidance seems "too easy," such as a bit of positive self-talk, or quitting coffee. But it can still be life-changing.

Which guidance have you received that you said, "Nah!" when you heard it, but you've still got that lingering problem going on?

How about you give that guidance a try now?

Always remember, you are guided!

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