Avoid burnout, find joy!

The last couple of blog posts I've written have been about challenges.

Now I'd like to talk about JOY.

Joy is slightly different from, but deeply related to, happiness.

For me, joy is excitement mixed with reverence and awe. Happiness is being busy, purposeful, engaged, and in the flow. 

So, joy is a moment, and happiness is an ongoing process.

This bird is one of my personal signs of joy: the sunbird (in South Africa) or hummingbird (in the United States).

This week I saw TWO of them on the same day. Wow! 

I didn't take this photo (my birds flew by too fast and were too far away), but here's one I found on the internet to show you.

Malachite Sunbird/Hummingbird by Jason P.E. Scholtz

What is the point of registering a "joy" moment, besides just, well, enjoying it?

Joy is a sign that I am not in burnout mode. Whew!

For me, the ability to feel joy is a message that I am at my maximum level of self-care. 

I have "full capacity," let's say, much like taking your oxygen saturation with a pulse oximeter and getting a result in the upper 90s.

Now here's a little homework for you:

Choose a symbol for your joy. 

It could be a rainbow, a unicorn, or a real-life flower or animal. 

You might see it "live" or in a picture. 

It will tell you, "Yes, you're OK. You're doing enough to take care of yourself. You're in good spiritual health right now."

That's so useful to know! 

Always remember, you are guided!

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