Compose a brilliantly effective question for your Guides!

Short version: Want results? Ask questions and take steps!

More complex version:

How can we learn to ask our Guides effective questions which give us next-action steps that, when we take action, produce positive results in our lives? 

This lifelong practice of discerning divine guidance is the main goal of my Seekers daily coaching groups, and so I'd like to share a recent exchange to help you get closer to your divine guidance, too.

Me in the Karoo!

The Story

One Seeker is curious (ok, worried) about their career.

They are multi-talented and multi-passionate (does that sound like you?)

They've had success but are now at a new crossroads, ready to go independent after years working for an established organization.

What's cool about their process, and what makes it especially relevant to you, is that they are already practicing asking for their own divine guidance on their own, using tools such as muscle testing, journaling, the I Ching, angel cards, and using a pendulum for yes/no answers.

So here's their recent question, posted in Seekers:

Good morning!
What can I practically do to evaluate future working options - to really identify projects and people that will both excite and energise me? Should I do one or more of the following:

  1. Write down as much detail about options, and use muscle testing to validate (or other divination?)
  2. Talk options through in detail with people that know me and get their input
  3. Don't focus on the options becoming available now, but instead upon what I want to do, what excites me, what I want to learn about, and where I can have the most impact. Become clear about that, and then future options will fall in place
  4. Put clear options in this group, Seekers and get specific, guided feedback
  5. Get as clear a picture as I can about a topic, a project, the people. Hold that, meditate on that before sleeptime. Feel into it in the morning
  6. Something else?

What a great list! So thorough and thoughtful!

I love that this Seeker included #6 Something else, because that's always an option. Our Guides have much vaster imaginations than our own.

Here is their answer from their Guides. When I quote their Guides, I use the angel and the heart emojis to show where their Guides are talking.

? The answer is #3, but you're not there yet. 

To get to #3, go to #2. "Life partner, what am I super passionate about, what do I totally geek out about, what do I speak about ad nauseum?" 

Once you've done #2 and had some insights into #3, go to #5 and give it to the DreamWorld. 

For example, "OK, so if I'm a <scuba instructor in Thailand>, what does my day look like? What am I wearing, what am I eating, what am I learning?"

2 -> 3; 3 + 5 = 🙂 That's the formula. ❤️

To decipher this for you, my guided reader the guidance for this Seeker is:

Ask your life partner what you speak about all the time.

Decide what you'd do in any case, even if you weren't getting paid for it. Find what's fun.

Imagine the scene in precise detail, and then go to sleep, handing it over to your dreamworld, asking for dream insights.

The Seeker's response to this guidance:

"I have this big smile on my face, thinking, "AHA! I'm collaborating with my guides! My translation is evolving!" 

They continue... "It means a lot for my confidence in my own divination that you did not have to add an "other" here, but only had to collaborate and help with ordering and working with what there is. 

In creating this post above, I asked the same question to the I Ching, and got messages about speaking to others, meditation, and also dreams came up. I am happy with my guidance! Thank you!"

This Seeker is thrilled with their answer. Not only because the steps are clear, but because they *themselves* were so close to figuring it out, independently!! That's massive progress

Now, where are you in this process? 

Are you miles away, or are you thiiiiis close to figuring out your next steps?

May you find new directions now! Ask for help from your Guides!

Always remember, you are guided!

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