Tips to remember your dreams every night!

In my free Facebook group, Shannon Walbran Psychic School, a member named Sthandwa asked about remembering the dreams we dream at night:

"I lost my dreams and I forget them, too. I can't see anything anymore, only flashes of light."

Here's what works for me to remember my dreams.


1. Keep a pen and paper next to the bed. 

2. Take Vitamin B, before bed. 

3. Get to sleep on time so I'm fully rested. 

4. Avoid alcohol or caffeine so I can go into deep sleep. 

5. Set an alarm for an odd time, like 5:53 instead of 6:00 am. 

Upon Waking

  • Immediately turn on the light (don't pull the covers over my head, which is very tempting!)
  • Don't look at my phone first thing - that deletes dreams for me right away
  • Write down any fragment I can remember: "airplane ... island ... argument ... my cousin was there." 
  • Then, if I have time, go back to sleep and sleep for another 20 minutes or so. 
  • I try to go back into the dream and rejoin the plot line or try different endings. 

These are my basic strategies!

I found this author, Robert Moss, to be super helpful around tracing what happens in my dream life and finding the predictive threads in my waking life. He has several Kindle books on the subject; here is one:

Book Title: Active Dreaming
Author: Robert Moss

I hope these strategies work for you so that you can use your night time as productively as your day time, for spiritual work.

Always remember, you are guided!

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